Mobile Redo

Emily has a mobile that came with her pack and play with three little bears on it. She loves these bears and is completely enthralled by the whole thing when we turn the music on.

Seriously, look how excited she is about them!

I think they’re creepy.

But I was going to just leave them, because there are tons of other things I need to get done. However… Emily is also obsessed with patterns and color. Shannon and I took her to a fabric store, and she was entranced by everything (okay, so was I!). So I decided to replace the creepy bears with some cute little birds!

What you’ll need:
*fabric scraps (I chose simple patterns with one color and white)
*simple pattern (search on Google for silhouettes)

Your shapes can be anything. Just make sure there aren’t lots of small spaces to go around. The bird beaks and tails were a little tough!

1.  Cut out two of your shapes, making sure that when you put them together, you see the printed fabric on the outsides.

2.  With right sides together, stitch around your shape. Stitch as close to the edge as possible while still catching all the sides. Leave an opening big enough to turn your shape right side out.

Obviously I need to tack some of the spots so it actually looks like a bird!

3.  Turn right side out. Stuff with the batting. Hand stitch closed.

4.  Cut your length of ribbon. Use a lighter to burn the edges so they don’t fray. Attach one end to the top of your shape. Then tie the other end to the actual mobile.

So much cuter and way less creepy!

And she likes this one just as much!



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