Quick and Easy Projects

Do you ever have days that you want to do something creative but don’t have the time (or patience) for anything that takes too long? I recently had one of those weekends and felt so accomplished getting so many things off my list!

Hooks for Your Laundry Room:  I used to just prop my broom and Swiffer up by the washer and dryer. And it fell on me more than once. So I got some cute hooks from World Market to get them off the floor and out of the way.

Please ignore the fact that I haven’t touched up the walls yet!

Sharpie Decorated Mug:  This has been all over Pinterest from A Beautiful Mess. It really is as easy as writing on a white mug/plate/bowl with a Sharpie and baking it for 30 minutes. I ended up printing off an “m” and tracing it onto tissue paper. Then I transferred it onto the mug. I found that I needed to trace it a little inside my lines because the tissue paper bled some.

Storage in Jars:  Such a great use of a mason jar for cotton balls and a votive for q-tips. Genius! I saw this on Pinterst awhile ago but didn’t pin it. If you know what blog it comes from, please let me know so I can link to it!

Paper Bunting:  This is really as simple as cutting out paper triangles and attaching them to a ribbon. I’m using this one in my classroom, but how cute would it be in a kid’s room, craft room, or for a party?

Frame into a Dry Erase Board:  This wasn’t something I did over the weekend, but it’s a great fast project! Take any picture frame and make it into a dry erase board. I spray painted the awful brown frame and covered the hideous cougar picture with cute fabric (the original was a white elephant gift). Scrapbook paper, wallpaper, or wrapping paper would work great too!


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3 responses to “Quick and Easy Projects

  1. Janie

    Cute ideas. I’m amazed at your energy level:)

  2. Great ideas! And I LOVE World Market hooks! I have them for my scarves and belts. 🙂

  3. great ideas!!! I also love those hooks what a fab thing to do to add a little character!

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