Classroom Check In

Little by little I’ve gotten my classroom ready to go. Poor Emily has done plenty of tummy time, bumbo sitting, and car seat naps so I can get a few hours to work. This week, I’ve gone to school during nap time while Logan watched her.

I call this picture “Momma, I’m really tired of being here!”

And I finally feel like things look the way I want them too. Mostly at least, I don’t know if I ever feel ready! Normally I wouldn’t share much about my room, but since it’s my second home, I thought I’d give a quick tour and highlight some projects that can be used at home.


Cookie Sheet Magnetic Board:  Of course, I need a spot to hang pictures of Emily. I just spray painted a cookie sheet from the Dollar Store, attached a ribbon, and grabbed some magnets.

Hanging File Folders:  Here I took some file folders and stapled the sides closed. I punched holes in the top and bottom of the folders and attached the folders with binder rings. Great vertical storage organizer!

Curtains:  I sewed some curtains to cover some bookshelves–both so kids don’t get in and so people don’t realize how messy I can be! I ended up piecing together some coordinating fabrics and sewed velcro onto the top.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms:  This project has been all over Pinterest. I love the idea of using it for a party decoration, and then one night decided my classroom library needed some too!

Crayon Organizer:  This is another project I’m going to do, but first I have to track down enough baby food jars!


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3 responses to “Classroom Check In

  1. Your classroom looks SO inviting! 🙂

  2. wow fanastic job…. the classroom environment being inviting is such an important factor in education…. fantastic job 🙂 xx Cat

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