School Starts (already?!?)

Monday my new group of kiddos come. This will be my ninth group of kids, and I still get nervous! But my classroom is as ready as it’s going to be:  name tags are on tables, activities planned, papers copied, and files are color coded. I guess that makes me ready? 🙂

My favorite area of my classroom

Emily started daycare on Tuesday, and it’s seriously been the hardest few days not hanging out with her! I’m happy with the daycare we chose, and I know lots of the benefits of them, but I’ve hung out with that little one for eight glorious weeks this summer. I’m going to miss my little bug! (Thank goodness for all my friends and family with their support!)

I mean seriously, how could you not want to hang out with her all day!


In other news, today is Logan’s birthday. Happy Birthday honey!!!

Happy Birthday to such a great daddy and husband!

Emily and I ventured into the world of paint (with a 4 1/2 month old!) to make his card.

The finished butterfly card (sorry, I can’t get my blog to rotate it)

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