Creative Collections: Entry Storage

Do you ever have a project on Pinterest that you’re always drawn to? Storage units for your main entry are mine. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m sort of looking for ideas on these storage units, but I’ll look at my boards and see several new pins for ideas.

Have we actually done one yet? Well… no. But I’ve decided on one, and now we just need an open afternoon to build it.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking of your entry:  this area might not be by your front door. Put your storage by where you actually enter and leave your home! For us, it’s by our garage door. This landing zone needs to be where it’s convenient for your family, which often isn’t the front door.

DIY Coat Rack by Bliss at Home
This is the one we’re going to make. We’re going to add a bench against it to hold bins for our shoes.

Reclaimed Doors Coat Rack by Anna Banana’s Reclaimed
There aren’t any directions for this, but 2 old doors, a low bookcase, and some hooks…

Locker Cabinet by Ana White Homemaker
Love how simple this is! It’s nice and narrow for those smaller entry spaces.

Basket Rack by Martha Stewart
Love all of baskets and hooks for storage. Think I could ever be that neat though?

Colorful Crates by Apartment Therapy
I must have a thing for these wooden crates. I just love the look of them though!

Ahh, someday my friends. Someday my landing zone will be organized.

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