Creative Collections: Hot Drinks

One of my favorite things about fall is the warm, cozy smells of cinnamon, apple pie, and pumpkin. In fact, while Shannon and I were at Dunkin Donuts, I got a pumpkin donut and made her smell it before she stole a bite. I think those smells bring the feeling of chilly nights, curled up under a blanket, and drinking something hot.

Truth be told, coffee is my current hot drink of choice (I used to be a dedicated tea drinker…and then I started teaching!). But there are plenty of times that I want a change that uses those flavors of fall. So I’ve been pinning these types of drinks for months–even in the middle of the heat wave we had this summer!

Here are some I can’t wait to try…

Chai Mix from Joyful Momma’s Kitchen

Hot Vanilla from Family Fun

Pumpkin Spice Coffee by Sips Etc.

Hot Chocolate by The Pioneer Woman

White Hot Cocoa by Lil’ Luna

And just in case you want a little extra love for your coffee, here’s a site with some homemade coffee creamers by Deliciously Organic.

Enjoy your warm, cozy drinks! And sweaters. And blankets. And the crunch of leaves underfoot. And the chilly night. I heart fall.

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