Baby Headbands

I love having a little girl. I mean, besides the fact that I think Emily is absolutely wonderful… I love all the flowers and ruffles and bows. And headbands. I love headbands. And actually, Emily doesn’t mind wearing them at all.

Headband happy

Besides being super cute, headbands are really easy to make. Which makes them perfect for wanting to feel crafty when I’m juggling Emily, school, and the house!

Here are the easiest two types I’ve made for Emily…

I found this stretchy fabric at JoAnns. I’ve seen little headbands made out of this all the time. So for $.56 and lots of zig zagging, I made a cute little pink headband! Right now she only has pink, but I’m sure a bright green, aqua, and yellow one will be hanging on her hooks before too long. Yeah, that’s all the colors they have at the store!

Sorry, the headband is a little tough to see, but strangely this is my only picture of her in it (and she was losing patience with our “photo shoot” this morning!). But it’s the top headband from the other picture.

This headband was only slightly more difficult (like a 1.5). I found these great little felt button covers. Just stacking them in different patterns and attaching a button in the center. I used 1/2″ elastic as the band. I’ve made her three so far…who knows how many of these Emily will have šŸ™‚

When someone’s running out steam… just pull out Sophie!


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