Revised Baby Leg Warmers

Remember this post when I turned little girl socks into leg warmers for Emily? Well, needless to say, she’s gotten quite a bit bigger since then. And as cute as she is, she looked completely ridiculous wearing leg warmers that were so short!

My solution… a $1 bag of lace I got at a garage sale! Okay, the solution itself probably cost less than a penny. But I got all that lace for $1! Huge deal!

Measure around the bottom of the leg warmer and cut a piece of lace ½” bigger. Sew the ends of the lace together using a ¼” seam and zig zag the edges. Then match right sides together and pin the lace onto your sock using lots of pins (keep in mind that the sock with stretch so this keeps it in place). Then sew with ¼” seam and zig zag to finish.

And now you’ve gotten a few more months out of your cute leg warmers!



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2 responses to “Revised Baby Leg Warmers

  1. I wish there was a leg warmer pattern that did not use socks! I like in Florida and I don’t have socks! 🙂

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