Creative Collections: Family Pictures

Ever since Emily came along, I’ve been a little picture happy. I have tons of pictures of her (on her own, with daddy, with me) on Facebook, more on my computer, and still more on my phone! And believe it or not, I’ve actually developed a fair number of them too.

But then comes the problem of where to put them… I only have so much room on my refrigerator. And my picture frames are filled (and there are only so many places you can put more frames). So what’s a proud momma and wife to do…

That’s what inspired the latest searches for projects!

Family Magnets by Happy Home Fairy
These are so cute! Wouldn’t this be a fun way to show how your child gets bigger through the years? Or to teach kids the names/faces of their extended family? Or for grandparents to show off their grandkids? The possibilities are endless!

Photos on Canvas by Blissfully Ever After
I can’t believe that you can get these printed for about $5! What a great deal! Wedding photos, children’s pictures, great vacations…

Generations Photo by Amber Moose
I adore this. I mean, what’s sweeter than a multi-generation photo!

Family Tree by Visboo
Okay, I realize that these picture frames are empty in the picture. But how perfect would this be to fill with family photos to literally make a Family Tree? And easy to add onto when new little ones join the family.

Vintage Window Frame by Hammers and High Heels
I love vintage window frames… so much so that on more than one occasion I’ve pulled over and picked some up off the side of the road! This is a beautiful way to feature an enlarge picture or individual pictures in each window pane.

Re-imagine Board Games by Board Game Geek
I’ve come up with so many ways to reinvent this idea (like fairytale characters for my next literacy unit at school). But I thought it would be a fun way to use pictures of family members or specific events/vacations.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a great photographer. But any of these would make my okay pictures look interesting and fabulous!


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2 responses to “Creative Collections: Family Pictures

  1. Hi there! I took the generation photo!
    The family is the Maragvitch family. I would appreciate you adding my photo credits:
    Moose Photography

    Thank you and glad you like it!!

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