Creative Collections: Children’s Halloween Costumes

With one week before Halloween, there’s still plenty of time to make a costume for your little one… Good thing, since Emily’s ladybug costume is still in pieces on my sewing table!

I’ve loved all the creative ideas and craft-tastic-ness that blogs have been featuring these last few weeks. I’ve noticed that I’m most drawn to costumes that can be used throughout the year for dress up and pretend play.

Little Red Riding Hood by Make It and Love It
These costumes are beyond adorable (and so are her kids)! I love all the little details Ashley includes. This link goes to the page that features all three costumes, but there are detailed instructions on her three previous posts.

Squid and Ocean by Kojo Designs
I can’t get over how creative little Burke is for coming up with the idea of being a squid and little Piper being the ocean! This links up to the squid costume and the ocean is the next post on her page.

Bluebird Costume by Prudent Baby
This is such a sweet little costume. But I find it hilarious that Little Sister could either be this cute little bluebird or a bearded dwarf to go with the Snow White theme!

Cowboy by Couturier Mommy
What little boy wouldn’t love to be a cowboy! Or add a jean skirt for a cowgirl.

Owl by Alpha Mom
I love all the owl prints that are floating around, so much so that I considered doing Emily’s room in them. I love this costume with all the feather! And since it’s out of scraps, it’s really low cost too!

Penguin by Make Your Own Baby Stuff
I love that the inspiration for this costume was Happy Feet. Can’t you just see this little one “happy feet-ing” it in her penguin outfit? This link also includes directions for baby lion, lamb, and bear costumes.

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  1. Love this! These costumes are so cute!

    I work with AllFreeSewing and have been trying to contact you. Please email me if there is a good way to reach you. Thanks!

    Adam Kaplan

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