Baby Must Haves

Baby Rowan finally arrived! He’s absolutely precious, and I’m so proud of my sister. Oh, little man, Emily has so much to teacher you… waving, scootching, giggling. You already have snuggling down, so check that off the list!


I know that all moms have a list of things that are absolutely needed for a new baby. And usually those are things that weren’t on the registry. In the last eight months, there have been some of my baby sewing that’s been so helpful. Which meant that Shannon got five of my favorite baby sewing projects!

Burp Clothes
The flannel makes these super durable and really absorbent. Perfect for all those little messes.

I made one from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby. It wasn’t the easiest project to complete (partially because I’m not great at reading patterns…), but it turned out great. I also got a beautiful one from my friend Laura from Wild Sprouts.

Car Seat Shoulder Straps
I didn’t even realize I needed these until Emily’s little neck was all red from her car seat. They also work great for strollers! I’ll be posting some to my Etsy before too long!

Diaper and Wipes Case
I love little bags in my diaper bag. I feel like maybe I’ll be able to find things I need when Emily has an emergency. Maybe. I use this basic tutorial to create my diaper case–I just change the dimensions to 8×15″ for the back rectangle and 8×12″ for the front. This allows you to store an extra outfit under the diapers, just in case! The wipes case is just a hard cover one that holds about 30 wipes (I’ve only been able to find this at Walmart).

This is another project from Lotta. It’s the perfect size for little hands to hold and little mouths to chew on. But you could make any shape. Just search for the silhouette of your chosen shape. Cut two pieces out of fabric (make sure that the right sides will face out when you sew them). Sew around the sides, leaving a gap. Turn it right side out, stuff with batting, and hand stitch shut. You could even add a little jingle bell inside if you want.


What are your baby must haves?


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