Creative Collections: Christmas Wreaths

As much as I love Christmas (and I do!), I’m dragging my feet on decorating my house. I think there are a few things holding me back… I have several sewing orders to fill and need to get those things checked off my list before I can really enjoy decorating. And it was in the 60s over the weekend. And rainy now. I’m no fan of cold weather, but it’s better than rainy and cloudy!

But maybe this weekend!

In the meantime, I’ll admire all of the beautiful Christmas lights people have put up (including the white icicle lights Logan put up) and imagine how great our house will look. And think about what wreaths I might someday make!

White Yarn Wreath by BHG
white yarn wreath

Christmas Ball Wreath by Good Housekeeping

Bay Leaf Wreath by Make It and Love It
Bay Leaf Wreath

Candy Wreath by Gwynn Wasson Designs
candy wreath

Frame “Wreath” by This Flourishing Life
Burlap Wreath by Laugh, Love and Craft
burlap wreath

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