New Years Organizing Revolution

Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons is hosting a HUGE linky party through the month of January.  Each week you organize one room/area of  your house (office, kitchen, closets, family room/play room), link up your blog or Pinterest board, and vote for the best transformations.
PS–The prizes are pretty amazing!

I’m in. Because currently my office looks like this…

DSCN0994 DSCN0996 DSCN1000 DSCN1001 DSCN1007

And no, I didn’t do anything that would make it more dramatically messy. We’ve been living with it like this for weeks. Lots of weeks. And actually, this is a little better than it was last week, because Logan moved out our Christmas decorations and a tub of comic books. Yeah, please don’t judge…

I know I talk about organizing on here regularly. And to be honest, I do consider myself an organized person. But this is the black hole!

There are a few reasons I think it happens to this room:

1.  This room has LOTS of different functions:  office, sewing/craft room, storage, mudroom, dog room, and eventually a playroom for Emily. All of these functions involve stuff.

2.  We get lazy. I’ll organize the room (or at least parts of it), and it will look great for a little bit. Then we get busy or tired and just drop our things. Of course, we’ll eventually put it away–right?

3.  I have too much stuff. It amazes me how many things go into sewing and crafting. But now that I’m also sharing the room with Emily, it’s time for a serious purge.

So my label maker is ready. I’ve covered boxes with contact paper so things match. Here we go!

Come back on Friday to see the transformation!


During this challenge, the Creative Collections on Wednesdays will have easy organization ideas for that area of the house.

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