Family Room Art

I feel like it’s been ages since I posted about the projects I’ve been doing at home! I’ve loved all the Christmas ideas and the New Year’s Organizing Revolution! But as I’ve looked through some of the pictures I’ve taken, I can’t believe how many projects I have to update (there are some pictures of Emily that are from months ago, oops).

Just before Christmas, I got some new curtains from Target. I love the trellis/Moroccan pattern. And the gray-blue color.

Farrah Fretwork

Farrah Fretwork

But I didn’t really like them with the orange in the room. I decided to shift to just blues and greens, leaving the room a little more monochromatic and very soothing.

Which meant that I had to change out my art. Okay, I searched through all of my pictures. I swear I took a picture of my old art… or not. So I’ll try to explain it–they were two vertical panels painted green. Each panel had a navy blue branch and an orange branch.

I cropped a random photo to get this shot. Imagine it taller and with a second one beside it.

I cropped a random photo to get this shot. Imagine it taller and with a second one beside it.

I had found a variety of art ideas on Pinterest that I decided to combine. Three picture ideas, 2 books, lots of Mod Podge, 2″ circles,  some paint, and bird cutouts later…

DSCN1097I love it! It still looks handmade, but it’s a little more sophisticated than what we had before. And right now, I’m all about birds (I have some little wire ones that are so cute) so this ties it all together nicely.


I have to laugh a little whenever I look more carefully at the background. I originally used a copy of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks as the background. And then I ran out of pages. With about a third left to finish. A canvas this big takes more than I thought! I looked through my donate box for another book with pages similar in color and size. So the other third (and some overlapping at the beginning) is from Cat and Mouse by James Patterson. Yep, a love story and murder mystery. 


Stay tuned Wednesday for other art ideas that you can do!

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