Creative Collections: DIY Artwork

I have such a hard time paying for art. It tends to be so expensive, especially when you need a large piece. Lots of times, I’ll just stretch a piece of fabric over canvas or frame some pretty scrapbook paper. Here are some other ideas for inexpensive ways to make your walls beautiful!

Chevron Art by Kelly Hicks Design

Art with Office Supplies by How About Orange

Pretty Bird Wall Art by Blue Cricket Design

Potato Print Artwork by Oh Happy Day

Ombre Canvas Artwork by Little House on the Corner

Urban Outfitters Wall Art by This Girl’s Life


As I was looking for ideas for this post, I found other ideas to frame–cloth napkins, vintage pillowcases, maps, wallpaper, wrapping paper…


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2 responses to “Creative Collections: DIY Artwork

  1. Valerie

    Those are all awesome forms of DIY art! Thanks so much for sharing – I never would have thought of them, but love them all! 🙂

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