Our Ikea Trip

Ahh, Ikea… the big blue warehouse that can take 4 hours of my life and countless dollars out of my bank account. Oh how I love you! (And for that matter, so does my husband!)

How we prepared:
1.  Perused the Ikea catalogue… multiple times
2.  Made a list of everything we wanted categorized by areas of the store
3.  Asked friends and family what they wanted us to pick up (when the closest store is 2 hours away, you have to include this step)
4.  Sold the dining room table and chairs

Before picture (Emily was at her sitter's so her carseat was pulled out)

Before picture (Emily was at her sitter’s so her carseat was pulled out)

Yep, that was our big focus! For a couple of years, we’ve been talked about getting one of their extendable tables. With leaves that could fold into the table. No taking up valuable closet space. And no more me sitting on the very corner of the table when we host family dinners.

The day was a huge success. Great “date day.” Dining room table and chairs. Play pans and food for Emily’s kitchen. Kitchen light. Picture frames for 2 projects… And an armchair (oops, totally not on our list but it’s beautiful).



At home:
1.  Unload the jigsaw puzzle of a back seat
2.  Fill and hang 14 picture frames
3.  Put together lots of furniture
4.  Hang the new kitchen light
5.  Sell our other armchair
6.  Recycle all those boxes

All except numbers 3, 4 and 6 are done.

Here's why #6 isn't done. Because who doesn't love playing in a box!

Here’s why #6 isn’t done. Because who doesn’t love playing in a box!


Our new armchair. That’s what happens when you sit in all sorts of chairs–you find one you love!


For most special occasions, Logan gets me these beautiful handmade cards from Global Gifts. I’ve been saying for ages that I wanted to frame them. Sorry that the lighting on this picture is so dark!


The middle three picture frames were already there, but we needed more spaces to put pictures as Emily gets older. So we added the outside columns.

The current state of our dining room. All of the chairs are put together, just waiting on the table!

The current state of our dining room. All of the chairs are put together, just waiting on the table!

What I can’t believe is how little we got for Emily–just some play pots, felt food, bibs with arms (genius), and a step stool. Oh well, there’s always next time!


Dear Indianapolis, You need to convince Ikea to build a store here. Think of what great things it would do for the city. Lots of people coming in to shop. Building up an area that doesn’t have much going on. Just check out the Cincinnati area–there used to be nothing around Ikea 3 years ago and now there are hotels, businesses, and restaurants. Just saying! 


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4 responses to “Our Ikea Trip

  1. Valerie

    I’ve never gotten to go to an Ikea because there isn’t one around here. Unfair! There may be one in downtown Atlanta, but I’m not going into the city for a store! Museums, aquariums, etc? YES! But a store? Nope, too much traffic for my liking! lol
    I’m glad you found so much that you loved! That chair is beautiful and the frames are lovely. 😀

  2. Kate E.

    We love Ikea too! We only live 7 minutes from one now. Its a little bit dangerous for my pocketbook! 🙂 Also, I love that armchair. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but unfortunately I don’t really have a space for it.

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