Sugar Cookie Recipe Needed

I’m breaking my rule of never trying new recipes when hosting something. Two new recipes for Emily’s party…

Including sugar cookies. Which I’ve never actually made. Which I don’t have a recipe for.

So… what sugar cookie recipe would you recommend? What tips do you have for cutting them into shapes? Help!


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6 responses to “Sugar Cookie Recipe Needed

  1. Valerie

    These iced sugar cookies are super easy and DELICIOUS! Do not use margarine, butter is a must because the flavor depends on butter. I’ve tried with a subsitute and they were not good! I love to let the kids decorate them with the colored frosting. Just put in sandwich bags and snip a corner! 🙂

  2. Sara

    Go on my Pinterest board and find the cookies that are shaped like shamrocks. They. Are. Awesome. And fairly easy. There is a great frosting recipe with it, but the cookies are fine without it

  3. Natalie R

    I have a family sugar cookie recipe that I really love. It’s different than any other sugar cookies though, so maybe it’s not what you want. They’re thicker cookies that have a cakier quality (though still totally cookies) and they aren’t sickningly sweet – they have a touch of nutmeg too. Let me know if you want the recipe and I can email it to you or bring it to church. -Natalie R

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