Happy Birthday, Emily!

Dear Emily,


1 year

Today you turned ONE! One! I can’t believe that we’ve had you in our lives for 365 days.

Week 2

Week 2

I fell in love with you the moment I found out I was pregnant. But when you were born, I thought I would burst with the love I felt for you! Who would have thought a year later that love could grow even more!

Not only are these ruffles adorable, apparently they're tasty too!

2 months

You have the best little personality. That you love people–laughing and talking to anyone you meet (this makes grocery shopping so much more fun). The way you cock your head to the side and give a huge smile. The way you’re fearless, as Daddy does back flips with you or you go exploring. That you give hugs and kisses to all the little kids at church. Our “conversations” in the car. How you wrinkle your nose when you’re really happy. Even your mischievous smile when you know you’re reaching for something you shouldn’t.

3 Months

Some of your favorite things right now:
*Carrying Bacon around with you everywhere (her stuffed pig)
*Bouncing up and down when you’re really happy
*Reading books
*Pulling everything out of your drawer in the kitchen…and any of the cabinets you can get into before I stop you
*Bananas, graham crackers, and oranges
*Playing peek-a-boo behind your blanket in the car
*Pulling up on anything that will give you even a little support
*Chewing on everything
*Taking your toys out of tubs and putting them back in
*Counting 1,2,3 and throwing open the curtains
*Taking off your socks (and then pressing them on your feet to “put them back on”

Emily loves reading her books :-)

7 months

I’ve learned a lot in the last year because of you. I’m figuring out how to keep you and Daddy as my top two priorities with my time. I’ve learned how to just sit and enjoy you instead of feeling like I should be getting something done. And I’ve learned that you have a stubborn streak just as much as I do, which is very humbling. I’ve always known that I’m a worrier, but now I worry about you–are we leading you okay in the Word, did you eat enough, are you sleeping enough, am I teaching you enough words…


9 months

I’ve also learned a lot about my beliefs as a Christian. Every night we read your little Bible, and there’s something about hearing those stories phrased for a child that makes some of the truths just that much more apparent. But even more than that, as a mommy, I’ve started to realize just what a sacrifice God gave us in our salvation. To give up His only Son. For sinners, people who didn’t deserve such a gift. It makes me tear up thinking of losing you for any reason, but especially for people who would turn their backs on you. Every night when we say our prayers, we thank God for His gift.


11 months

Little Bug, your heart is filled with joy. Your smiles, laughs, kisses are such clear examples of that. And that joy radiates out and fills our whole home. You are such a blessing to your daddy and me. We love you with a great big love sweet girl.

All my love, Mommy

1 year

1 year

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