Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Seriously guys, I spent the last week on the couch resting. And wondering what project I should work on. And thinking, “Ehh, there’s nothing that has to get done, I’ll take a quick nap before I go to bed.” I didn’t realize how much time and energy party planning had taken up until it was over!


I decided on The Very Hungry Caterpillar awhile ago. I love Eric Carle, and that book is one of my favorites. When I asked Logan if it was okay, he said, “Umm, sure. What’s that book about?” And then I proceeded to read it to him. He still agreed. ūüôā

We had a fabulous time at her party–it was great seeing everyone, having people celebrate our little miracle, and watching Emily interact with people.


I did much searching on Pinterest to get ideas. Some of the ideas came from:  Sweet Designs, Offbeat Families, Pizzazzerie, The Stir, and Catch My Party.

Emily with her very happy grandma

Emily with her very happy grandma

The Invitation:

front and back

front and back


The Decorations:
The key here was to keep it simple! The caterpillar poms took about half an hour to make and almost no time to put up, but what an impact! The leaves were just copies from the book and sewed together to create streamers. The butterflies were put together the same way and were cutouts from school.



For Emily’s high chair, I covered it with a piece of pink fabric and tacked it into place. The tutu is made from this tutorial, except I obviously didn’t connect the ends. But it’s the right size for her, so she’ll have a tutu to play dress up in!

This was one of my favorite projects! I created a banner with pictures of Emily from each month (thanks Leslie for the idea!). Sooner or later I’ll take it down… and then put it into her room!

The Food:
The most important part! All of the food was based on food eaten in the book, which was a really great way to plan a menu. Usually I think that’s the hardest part of party planning, but when you have a food theme already established, it takes the guess work out. The cards labeling the food were just copies from the book.

DSCN0519Caterpillars:  raspberry for the head and green grapes for the body, all on a skewer
Clementines (okay the book has oranges, but clementines made more sense)
Dill pickles
Cheese, Salami, and Crackers
Sausage: ¬†Sausage Balls (I’d recommend cutting down the cheese)
Butterflies:  Sugar Cookies (I combined two recipes, but this one is pretty close)

Sorry, I forgot to get a good picture of the cake. I made cupcakes (box mix with homemade cream cheese frosting) and frosted them in green. This was the caterpillar’s body. The red head was a carrot muffin frosted with yogurt for Emily’s cake. We haven’t given her much sugar, and her party wasn’t the day to sugar overload her!



I love how her two friends are there to help blow out the candle!

Party Favors:
Two circles sewed together and filled with M&Ms.


Then Sunday, Emily was dedicated at church. Perfect ending.


Yep, she's grabbing the pastor's mic

Yep, she’s grabbing the pastor’s mic

What a wonderful, crazy, exhausting weekend!

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