Thank You Notes

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing thank you notes. My mom always had us write them after birthdays and Christmases, and it’s something that’s stuck with me. I know in the age of email, Facebook, and texting, writing a note is rather old-fashioned. And yet, I know how much I love getting one. Just a quick note of gratitude.

Which is why I’ll be having Emily write them. You know, when she can hold a pencil/crayon without trying to eat it and the paper!

These were her Christmas thank you cards. She painted the background!

These were her Christmas thank you cards. She painted the background!

Now, I’m no card making crafter, but I usually do make my own thank you cards now. And seriously, it couldn’t be easier (or more fun really)!

Birthday notes

Birthday notes

For these cards, I went to Tagxedo. I just typed in thanks in different languages and printed it out in a heart shape. Okay, before the printing, I did lots of playing with fonts and colors…

Thank you note

I mounted those hearts to cardstock and used a window punch to slide a picture of Emily in. Like I said, super easy but super cute!


So…the point…write thank you notes and you don’t have to be a card making artist to make something wonderful!

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