Okay, that idea is almost laughable right now! Because we haven’t been on a vacation since last January… which means we’ve never vacationed with Emily! Sure, we’ve traveled for a weekend in northern Indiana and one in Iowa. And we’ve taken a few day trips with her, but not a real family vacation.

Logan and me

Hilton Head 2012

Someday, though, right??? Because I really do love to travel. Especially to the ocean–something about the salty sea air, sunshine, and seafood is just good for the soul. And two of my bucket list items are 1) Visit 48 different states and 2) Visit 6 different continents. While I’m on my way, there’s still a long way to go!


And perhaps Norwegian Cruise Lines is the answer. They’re hosting a giveaway for a cruise voucher for a family of four. Can’t you just see our little family enjoying all the sun and ocean air? And the theme days? And the swimming? And the excursions? Which is exactly what this family package would include! Yes please!


*Note:  I received a sweepstakes entry for writing this post.

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