Flip Flops

Ahh, the time for flip flops has finally come to Indiana! There were a few weeks that I was wondering if warm weather would ever come!

Since I’m in the process of ending the school year AND moving classrooms (third grade, here I come), I decided I’d repost some of my favorite summer posts during these next two weeks. I hope you can find something to get you ready for hot weather, pool days, and sunshine!


From July 11, 2012

I love flip flops! So comfortable, go with anything, inexpensive, no fuss. Just perfect for summer. But sometimes it would be fun to make them a little something special! So here are some fun ways to jazz yours up!

Keep in mind, some of these are more designed for little kids’ flip flops. But you can absolutely do these with your own! Just add more ribbon/fabric!

Stretchy Knit Straps with Flowers by Make It and Love It

The Knot So Hard Flip Flops by The Mother Huddle

Ribbon Wrapped Flip Flops by Mi Bello Boutique

Braided Flip Flops by By Wilma

Gladiator Wrap Flip Flops by Cut Out + Keep

Beaded Flip Flops by Trinkets in Bloom

Hmm, time to look for some sales on flip flops to try all of these!

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  1. The beaded flip flops are definitely the prettiest!

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