Our New Addition

The last month has been beyond crazy! The end of school is always exciting chaos, but this year the chaos was compounded with moving classrooms and grade levels. All of my energy was spent with school things…at least when I wasn’t chasing after an adorable 14 month old!


But school ended last week, and to celebrate, we got a puppy. She’s an Australian shepherd named Sheba and is about the cutest and sweetest thing ever! She’s a rescue dog and is really timid, so we were a little concerned with how she’d do with Emily. No need to worry there! Emily is by far Sheba’s favorite person in the house! Good thing, since Emily absolutely loves her and chases her around to give her kisses!


“Here Sheba, kiss my hand.”


“Look, I brought you some grass!”


Insert happy squeals here


Kisses for Sheba

Welcome to the family sweet girl (now please stop chewing my flip flops…)

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