Missing In Action

So remember in my last post how I said that I was really excited to start blogging projects again? A whole summer of sewing and crafting and gardening? And then nothing…

Well, that night at 11:00, Logan and I decided to get our house ready to put on the market. And then I stayed up for another couple of hours making cleaning, projects, and purging. I’m on list number three of things to work on–each list gets longer and more detailed.

I would have never guessed that there was so much to do! I really thought our house was in good shape and mostly clean. Boy was I wrong!!!

Many trips to Target in the last six weeks (PS--that frappaccino was empty!)

Many trips to Target in the last six weeks (PS–that frappaccino was empty!)

My house was so dirty. There were so many little projects that I was like, “Why didn’t I take care of this three years ago!” There were some projects that I almost considered staying.

But we need more room. Because someday we’ll have another kid and my mom comes to visit and I sew (which takes up so much space).

My family has been phenominal. My brother spent two days helping Logan lay floors in the kitchen and playroom. My sister watched Emily while I worked and did all sorts of painting projects. My mom spent four days doing all sorts of gross jobs during some of the hottest days of the summer.

Lock box up, listing to follow soon

Lock box up, listing to follow soon

I can’t really promise I’ll be blogging much for awhile. So sorry! Hopefully when we get the house listed and I stop spending hours after Emily goes to bed cleaning and working. I’ll just sit on the couch, blogging, and watching tv. And sew sometime…

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