School:  We’re six days into school…and I’ve never been so tired! My whole body hurts and I spent all weekend sleeping or wanting to sleep. But it’s been a good start to the year. Emily loves her new babysitter (and so do I!), which has made going to school a little easier. My new class is great, and it’s fun picking up where I left off teaching last year. Even though I only have three of my same little ones! I love the way my classroom looks, which made working on the house all summer much easier–something about knowing that my “school home” was good to go.

IMG_0834 IMG_0835

House: We sold our house! In 12 days! Which put us into a tailspin of searching for a new home. But our offer was accepted last Friday, and in less than a month we’ll be moving. I’m so excited about  our new place… but there’s no major projects to do! Except build a deck. But it’s pretty much done! Which is amazing, but I’m so used to planning and saving for big projects, it just seems a little weird. But it does mean that we get to spend more time decorating! Wahoo!!! You know no idea how much time I’ve spent on Pinterest getting ideas for my new house! Can’t. wait.

from Ideal Home Magazine

from Ideal Home Magazine

No Spend Month:  We have 11 days and $48 left. Plus I have $10 from my stash and Logan has his set aside for something. I’m having doubts that we’re going to make it. One of the biggest costs is Emily’s milk–$7 for a gallon of organic milk. And she drinks more than a gallon a week. But that’s something I’m not willing to sacrifice quality for. And we’re going to need toilet paper soon, which is going to be a painful bite into that balance. But I have meals planned for the remainder of the time, and most of it comes from the cabinets or freezer meals I already have ready. I’m still really committed to making it… I just keep a later trip to Ikea in mind to furnish my new, beautiful home.


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