No Spend Month Update

It’s finally over. And with change to spare, we didn’t go over our $225 limit. Well, kind of. I feel like there was some cheating on Logan’s part, but he was a really good sport, so I’m letting it slide 🙂

via Small Notebook

via Small Notebook

I’m not going to lie, it was really hard not to spend money. What did I miss most? Target, garage sales, and eating out. Which is funny, because I hardly went to garage sales over the summer since we were getting the house ready to sell. But now that we know where we’ll be, there are some specific furniture pieces I’ve been itching to look for. And the eating out! Three times this month we really wanted too–when we sold the house, the first day of school, and Back to School Night. But we stayed strong! Mostly.

Things I Learned:
*Sticking to such a tight budget is hard! I really admire all those people who have to do this every month! I knew we could stop at any time and there were plenty of exceptions in our rules, but for so many people this is a way of life. I admire them for making the tough decisions and finding a way to make it work.
*Making the decision not to go out to eat with friends was tough, but not too bad. However, having to buy diapers and dishwasher soap in the middle of the month was a killer, but I knew we needed them. We’re super low on toilet paper and I just kept hoping we’d make it through the end of the month, because it’s so expensive. Even the store brand!
*I spend a ridiculous amount of money at Target. Time for some self control.
*We’ve gotten very lax about our Eating Out budget. But if we can make it through two of my most stressful nights of the school year, we can make it through most anything. We were talking about this tonight–about how we use food to celebrate. But do we really need to go out to dinner? Could we just get some ice cream or other dessert? Or appetizers? We recommitted to keeping to that budget.
*Paying cash for gas with a baby is a pain.
*I’m terrible at looking in the cabinet and putting together a meal. I’m definitely a recipe type of girl. Which meant that we didn’t eat though as much as the cabinets as I would have liked.

So how did we celebrate the end of No Spend Month? Garage sales, Chipotle, and Target. I know, I know. But, I only got what I needed at Target… except for two pieces of furniture, which was the whole reason I went to garage sales this morning. Expensive, but with coupons, we got an extra $60 off each! Not too bad!

(Sorry, I tried to find a picture of the cabinet but it’s not there. Boo.)


If you decided to go on this adventure, hang in there! It’s SUPER hard, but really satisfying to make it!


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4 responses to “No Spend Month Update

  1. Wow! I am officially impressed. We just started (because we just this week found your blog) and I’m already nervous about what might come up. We DID make it through back to school week, and barely had lunch items to work with, but I was proud to do it with what we had on-hand. We’ll let you know our progress!!

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