Happy Halloween!

Did you hear about the storm system that pushed through the Midwest last Thursday? Which meant that our trick-or-treating got pushed back to Friday night. Which ended up being a beautiful night! And Emily loved walking around to the neighbors saying hi!


 Monday night I decided Emily was going to be a peacock, Tuesday night I put it all together. She almost was a Colts cheerleader, but as a crafty mom, I was having a hard time with the idea of not making her something (I know, lame, but still this strange guilt came over me whenever I thought about it).


So I saw these adorable wing from KoJo Designs and decided to make my own version.

KoJo Designs

KoJo Designs

What you’ll need:

1.  Cut two triangles from the felt. Each triangle should be the size of the center of your little one’s back to her wrist.

2.  Layer the feathers. Run a stitch across each layer.


3.  Attach the two triangles together where they would cross at her back. Attach a ribbon so the ribbon can tie around her neck (loosely of course).

And if your child refuses to let you tie it around her neck… tack it to another shirt or hooded sweatshirt.

4.  Attach ribbons on the end of each wing so they can tie around her wrist.

*For the tutu, I used this tutorial. Super quick and easy!



I can’t wait to see her using these as dress up clothes too!

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