Our New House

So we’ve now been in our new house for three months. And I’ve been reminded a number of times that I still haven’t posted any pictures. Mostly because the house has been a complete disaster–if things aren’t everywhere then it’s dirty! But last weekend we had company so I finally cleaned and straightened up!

And so… our new house! 


The kitchen
I painted the cabinets cream when we first got here


Eat-In Kitchen
Logan’s going to make a table and bench…eventually


Family Room
Long and narrow


Family Room decorated for Christmas


Dining Room (decorated for Christmas)
I was really afraid of the dark gray when it went up, but it’s gorgeous all finished


Living Room
Still LOTS of work to do here, but the new paint color is so fresh


Living Room
Hmm, you think we need a couch?


Emily’s room
Freshly painted green. Just need to hang a few things and make a slipcover for that chair.


Play Room
The daybed means it’s going to be our guest room too (super comfortable while I watch Emily play)




…well eventually it will be!


Nursery for Baby Girl #2
Lots of work still to come!


Master Bedroom
Again, lots to do… but once I decide on paint, we’ll be in good shape


Master Bathroom
Logan chose the color, which I thought was a little bright at first. But I love it now! We have a window that gets lots of light, so it’s almost like waking up in the Caribbean each morning.

It’s been so fun working on this house! All the finishes were lovely when we moved in, so it’s all been painting. They put up a nice sandy tan, so that’s been fine to live with until I tackle the walls. But trying to paint with a toddler is almost laughable! I have to wait until nap time or bedtime… and with baby #2, I’ve needed to sleep so much more. I’m down to four bedrooms and two bathrooms though! (For now the stairway and laundry room are going to stay tan.)


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