Happy New Year!

Well the new year has started with a bang. Impending snow storm, frigid temperatures, paci weaning, lots of crying at naps, organizing, cooking… What am I going to do when I head back to work next week?

Like most people, I’ve used the new year as a time to get more organized. I told my sister that this morning and she rolled her eyes, looked around the family room, and said I was one of the more organized people she knew. Haha, she’s sweet. But I’m trying to get some things organized and some habits formed before Piper comes, so that Logan and I aren’t creating good habits while we’re sleep deprived.

Besides purging and donating, I’ve created a new command center. In our pantry, I’ve set up a some calendars and  clipboards.
*Calendar #1:  Week by Week:  schedule, menu plans (and where to find the recipes)
*Calendar #2:  Monthly:  I found a calendar last year that just has the month and dates (no days). I’m using it to write down everyone’s birthday and anniversaries. I’m determined to get cards and presents sent out closer to on time this year. This way, when the new month rolls around, I can prepare.
*Clipboard #1:  Grocery Lists:  I have this set up as a Week by Week list to coordinate with my menu planning. I’ve been taking the whole months worth of lists to the grocery store to stock up on the food that isn’t fresh. The goal is one big shopping trip at the beginning of the month for the majority of ingredients and staples, plus quick weekly trips for fresh foods.
Clipboards #2 and #3:  To Do List for Logan and me

If you’re interested in some free 2014 calendars, here are some of my favorites…

The Funny Place

Kate and Trudy

Maya Road

Creative Mamma

iMOM 2013-14 Calendar-JAN14

The Handmade Home


What are your organizing goals for 2014?

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