Creative Collections: Cleaning Schedules

I’ve tried some cleaning schedules in the past–some worked for me, lots didn’t. As much as I want to do a little cleaning each night, I always end up doing it on the weekend. I hate that, but it’s what ends up happening (mostly because I crash on the couch after Emily goes to bed!). Oh well! Besides an hour on the weekend means that I can get Logan to help me…and husband help is something I know many of us have troubles with!

So here are some of my favorite cleaning schedules. And even though I don’t do much with the daily cleaning, I’m going to give it a try again! It would be so nice to have that couple hours back on my weekends!

Daily Cleaning Schedule by Organizing Made Fun

Monthly Cleaning Schedule by Two Things in Common
Deep Cleaning Monthly Schedule

Quick Clean Ups by Clean Mama

Daily/Monthly Cleaning Schedule by Squirrelly Minds

House Cleaning All Year by List Template

As I was looking for cleaning schedules, I found this fantastic advice at Organizing Made Fun. Read the entire blog post here.

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