One Month Old

Dear Piper,

One month ago you finally decided to make your debut. To say that you’re loved, sweet girl, is an understatement. In four short weeks, you’ve brought so much joy and so many snuggles to our lives. Obviously, Daddy and I love you so very much. But your biggest fan is probably Emily… She loves to hug and kiss you. And whenever you start crying, she brings you a paci and starts singing the ABCs to you. Little besties already!


You love to eat… you gained two pounds in two weeks! But just as much as you love to eat, you love to sleep at night (not so much during the day). The last few nights I’ve had to wake you up to eat in the middle of the night. But yay, that the pediatrician said today you could sleep as long as you wanted! We’ve gotten into a pretty good routine in the last week. You want to eat at about the same time and start a nap around the same time each day. Too bad you’ll probably change that now!

IMG_2431 Your favorite thing (besides eating) is snuggling. If you could spend the whole day in my arms you would! I get so little done, because I just sit and stare at your precious little face (of course, that’s changing now that Emily is home with us–she doesn’t let us just sit and stare at each other very often!). Or hold your little hands. Or your little feet.


Thanks for all the joy you’ve already added to our lives. You and Emily are such blessings to our lives. Much love little girl!



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