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Piper is 3 Months Old!

My sweet little baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger! How is it that 3 months have already flown by? Where did the time go?

Sweet Piper loves to snuggle. We spent many mornings while Emily was at preschool just watching each other. She started making “social noises” over a month ago but in the last few weeks, she’s started talking up a storm. And the smile when she does! She could be more pleased with herself!


But what this child loves best is eating! She’s perfectly content as long as she has a full belly ūüôā Which is why she’s such a chunky monkey!

Tied for her favorite is big sister Emily. Piper just lights up when she sees Emi. They’re constantly talking to each other and making each other smile. These two girls are such blessings in our lives!

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My Two Girls

Okay, I’m sure you’ll eventually get tired of seeing my girls… but a little quiz for you. Which girls is which?



photo copy




Piper is the top and Emily the bottom. Both pictures were taken when the girls were about 3 weeks old. Pretty similar, aren’t they?

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One Month Old

Dear Piper,

One month ago you finally decided to make your¬†debut. To say that you’re loved, sweet girl, is an understatement. In four short weeks, you’ve brought so much joy and so many snuggles to our lives. Obviously, Daddy and I love you so very much. But your biggest fan is probably Emily… She loves to hug and kiss you. And whenever you start crying, she brings you a paci and starts singing the ABCs to you. Little besties already!


You love to eat… you gained two pounds in two weeks! But just as much as you love to eat, you love to sleep at night (not so much during the day). The last few nights I’ve had to wake you up to eat in the middle of the night. But yay, that the pediatrician said today you could sleep as long as you wanted! We’ve gotten into a pretty good routine in the last week. You want to eat at about the same time and start a nap around the same time each day. Too bad you’ll probably change that now!

IMG_2431¬†Your favorite thing (besides eating) is snuggling. If you could spend the whole day in my arms you would! I get so little done, because I just sit and stare at your precious little face (of course, that’s changing now that Emily is home with us–she doesn’t let us just sit and stare at each other very often!). Or hold your little hands. Or your little feet.


Thanks for all the joy you’ve already added to our lives. You and Emily are such blessings to our lives. Much love little girl!



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Still Not Here

Dear Piper,

You were due yesterday. And you’re still not here. Now I know that a due date is just a guess, but sweetie, I really want to meet you. And snuggle you. And count your fingers and toes. And smell your lovely baby smell. Plus Daddy and Emily want to meet you. So please, come soon (like tomorrow).

Love, Momma

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8 Days Till Due Date

Single digits. Craziness.

For so long, this pregnancy felt like it was taking absolutely forever. And now, my due date is just around the corner. I’m so excited to meet Piper Grace! Counting her fingers and toes, watching her sleep, snuggling, smelling the baby smell. And seeing Emily with her baby Piper.

Week 2

Is there anything better than a sleeping baby?

And yet, as excited as I am, I’m scared to death. Which I suppose is normal. But I do have some guilt about how many things are going to change for Emily. I’ll be the first to admit, that little girl is a little bit spoiled and definitely a princess! How could she not be–have you seen that smile! Emily is, in theory, excited about Piper coming–she loves babies and is as gentle as a toddler can be with them. It’s just going to be hard when Momma is holding the baby and Emily wants me…


We’ve been trying to prepare Emily for her little sister…
*Talking about her all the time
*Kisses, hugs, pats, talking to her
*Naming one of her favorite babies Piper
*Letting Emily play with Piper’s toys and crib
*Buying a present for Piper
*Getting a present for Emily from Piper
*Creating a “you are special” book for Emily while we’re gone

Any other suggestions that you’ve tried when new babies join the family? Suggestions for when Piper comes? Ideas for quality time with Emily?

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Emily’s Doll

You know how there are some projects that you just love? That was this doll!


I used the tutorial at Make It and Love It. Way easier than I was expecting–two days later, I was done… Okay, I stayed up WAY too late one night, but it was so worth it!

I based Emily's on the one on the left.

Usually I’m all about personalizing a project and not following the picture exactly. But the doll on the left uses the same material as Emily’s birthday skirt, so that’s what I kept picturing. I couldn’t find any pink chevron for her tights, but the top is the same. Just with some sleeves.


Honestly, the only difficult part was attaching the front and back pieces, because there were arms, legs, and hair to keep tucked in. LOTS of pins, sore fingers, a few retries later, and she was done!


Why yes, Emily does match with her doll…

I just love her! And Emily likes to carry her around by her braids! Or tickle her nose with the end of the braids.

DSCN1200¬†Plus some skirts for her to wear. Since the skirt pieces only measured 5×21″, ¬†my scrap box had plenty of options. Okay, I did go back to the store to get her birthday skirt fabric (the skirt on the bottom) so Emily and her dolly can match.

hbK3ZHxBYSZUSRwF69IalyysJPwkUIJHbKhAPL1JxaARight now Emily mostly just holds her or pushes her in the little stroller. But there’s just something about seeing her hugging and carrying around the doll I made for her!

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Bib Backpack Tutorial

I saw an idea on Pinterest about hanging bibs on the back of a high chair using a Command hook. Genius, I thought. Until I watched my child reach up and pull things off a table higher than I thought she could reach. Yeah, those bibs would be everywhere! But I really wanted the drawer space back! So I decided on a “backpack” that would hang on the back of her chair.

Now, I have to be honest. I know how to make one type of pouch. And I just used the same format over and over. Remember, this tutorial for the bag for Fabric Memory? Pretty much the same thing with just a few modifications (yeah, I’m using some of the same pictures…) I did only use one panel for the outer fabric and lining this time though.

Fabric Memory bag

Fabric Memory bag

What you’ll need:
*Outer fabric panel 14×24″
*Lining fabric panel 14×24″
*coordinating ribbons

1. ¬†Fold the bottom of your panel up so there’s about a 4″ flap at the top. Sew up both sides. Do this with the lining too.

2.  Creating a flat bottom:  Push your corners out so they create a triangle.

3. ¬†Measure down 1″ from the corner. ¬†Sew a seam following the line your pin created, intersecting your side seam. Repeat with both corners of the outer fabric and both corners of the lining.


Finished bottom

4.  Turn your lining right side out and slide into your main fabric (which is still inside out). Line up the upper edges and pin.
Slide the lining in
Pin the edges

5.  Sew around all the edges, leaving about an inch gap. Clip your corners.

6.  Turn it right side out. Top stitch around the whole opening, which will close the gap.

7.  Attach the velcro to the flap and line it up on the front of the bag.

8.  Find the center of your ribbon. Zig zag it to attach to the back of your bag. The position of these ribbons depends on your chair. Make sure they easily attach to the back.DSC02744

Then you’re ready to attach to your chair and fill with bibs. Nice and out of the way!


Enjoy that you just freed up a drawer in your kitchen!


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