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Creative Collections: Floor Pillows

One of the things I’m planning to make for the girls’ playroom is floor pillows for their reading nook. I’m also planning to recover one of my poufs, because the inside lining got a hole and now the little foamy beads are falling out everywhere. I’m not entirely sure where I think I’ll find the time to sew… but it’s a nice thought! 

Gum Drop Pillows by Amy Butler

Pouf DIY by The Cream to My Coffee

Floor Cushion by DIY Home Sweet Home

Giant Floor Pillows by Oven Lovin’ Blog

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Creative Collections: Kitchen Table DIY

Oh my, life at our house is crazy. Nesting, decorating, party planning (Emily turns 2 in 2 1/2 weeks!!!), standardized testing at school. And a sick baby. Emily is usually such a healthy child, so whenever she gets sick, I just ache for her. Fever, grumpy, hoping it’s not hand/foot/mouth. Sweet child.

One of the big projects Logan’s been working on is bench seating and a kitchen table for our eat-in kitchen. He’s mostly done his own design, but the tables were inspired by DIY projects on Pinterest. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent looking at these tables! When Logan gets it sanded down and I paint it (thinking of trying homemade chalk paint), I’ll post pictures!

Okay, obviously I love Ana White‘s website! She has fantastic ideas and her tutorials are really easy to follow (at least Logan thinks so)! If you have something to build, I’d highly recommend checking out her site. And no, I’m not being paid to say that 🙂


Slightly off topic, but since I’m going to try chalk paint for the first time, does anyone have feedback about the following recipe:  1/3 cup plaster of paris, 1 cup paint, 1/3 cup water. Comments I’ve ready said not paint with primer. Besides that… What have you tried? What suggestions do you have?

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Creative Collections: Toy Organizing

Little by little, I feel like our house it getting more organized and put together. Logan is building a bench for our eat-in kitchen with storage for our china (out of the way, which means out of little people’s hands!), and I’ve gotten round one of toy organization done. Too bad that keeps changing when more toys are added! Needless to say, I’ve been looking at all sorts of playrooms! And since I know that’s a problem many families face, I decided that’s a great way to keep New Year’s organizing going…

via BHG

via BHG

(there’s no actual directions here, but the idea is great–bags hanging on curtain rods on a door!)

via The Cottage Mama

via The Cottage Mama

via The Fancy Frugal Life

via The Fancy Frugal Life

via Make It and Love It

via Make It and Love It

via HGTV

via HGTV

Also check out this post from An Inviting Home about organizing a kid’s craft space. 


Don’t forget, your storage doesn’t have to be beautiful or match. It just has to work for you! Pictures with labels with make clean up easier for your child (and therefore easier for you!).

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Our New House

So we’ve now been in our new house for three months. And I’ve been reminded a number of times that I still haven’t posted any pictures. Mostly because the house has been a complete disaster–if things aren’t everywhere then it’s dirty! But last weekend we had company so I finally cleaned and straightened up!

And so… our new house! 


The kitchen
I painted the cabinets cream when we first got here


Eat-In Kitchen
Logan’s going to make a table and bench…eventually


Family Room
Long and narrow


Family Room decorated for Christmas


Dining Room (decorated for Christmas)
I was really afraid of the dark gray when it went up, but it’s gorgeous all finished


Living Room
Still LOTS of work to do here, but the new paint color is so fresh


Living Room
Hmm, you think we need a couch?


Emily’s room
Freshly painted green. Just need to hang a few things and make a slipcover for that chair.


Play Room
The daybed means it’s going to be our guest room too (super comfortable while I watch Emily play)




…well eventually it will be!


Nursery for Baby Girl #2
Lots of work still to come!


Master Bedroom
Again, lots to do… but once I decide on paint, we’ll be in good shape


Master Bathroom
Logan chose the color, which I thought was a little bright at first. But I love it now! We have a window that gets lots of light, so it’s almost like waking up in the Caribbean each morning.

It’s been so fun working on this house! All the finishes were lovely when we moved in, so it’s all been painting. They put up a nice sandy tan, so that’s been fine to live with until I tackle the walls. But trying to paint with a toddler is almost laughable! I have to wait until nap time or bedtime… and with baby #2, I’ve needed to sleep so much more. I’m down to four bedrooms and two bathrooms though! (For now the stairway and laundry room are going to stay tan.)


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Creative Collections: Wreathes

Last weekend, I painted my front door. Blue. Bright blue. We’re no longer “the brick house with green shutters.” We’re the “brick house with a blue front door.”


Love that.

But now I really want to put a springtime wreath on that beautiful bright door.

Shim Wreath by Tattered and Inked

Jute Twine Wreath by Brunch at Saks

Rainbow Wreath by Wine and Glue

Frame Wreath by A Glimpse Inside
door hanging

Burlap Wreath by Domestic Superhero

Pinwheel Wreath by The Cards We Drew

Here’s a great idea for using pool noodles as your wreath base. So inexpensive then!

Pool Noodle Wreath by Home Stories A to Z

So which one should I make for my front door? Suggestions appreciated!


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Creative Collections: Mother’s Day

I love Mother’s Day! And not just because I’m a mom (though that does make it even more special now). But my mom is absolutely wonderful–and she’s a fabulous grandma!

So in celebration of all those wonderful moms out there…

Teacup Candles by Martha Stewart

Painted Spoons by The Happy Homebodies

Arty Drawer Liners by Artful Kids

Art Portfolio by Becoming Home

Button Bracelet by Sew Many Ways
button bracelet 062

Pleated Purse by U Handbag

Mason Jar Planter Box by Shanty 2 Chic

Love Art by Embrace Your Chaos



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Word Art

Not surprising, party prep is in full swing at our house. Excitement, stress, cooking, cleaning, decorating.

In the midst of searching Pinterest for ideas, I’ve come across some word art, which I thought would be cute for decorations.

Tagxedo takes whatever words and phrases and creates a word cloud. You can customize the shape, colors, and fonts. Super easy!

Emily elephant

All of Emily’s favorites for her first year! Wouldn’t it be fun to do every year?

(Bacon is the name of her stuffed pig–she doesn’t actually eat bacon)

Enjoy playing 🙂

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Creative Collections: Ikea Hackers

Ikea hacking has become a huge thing:  taking Ikea furniture and customizing it. Much as I love Ikea furniture, I do love the idea of reinventing basic pieces and creating something even more creative. None of my new Ikea furniture will be hacked anytime soon…but here are some great ideas to spruce up those pieces (or any pieces with similar features/dimensions)!

Lack Ottomans from Ikea Hackers
ottoman 1-763031

Mudroom from Entirely Smitten

Table into Desk by Matsutake

Chevron Trim Dresser by House & Home

Nailhead Side Table by Clementine & Olive

Greek Key Rug  by Tatertots and Jello

Bubble Chandelier by Ikea Hackers

Mail Station from Homes

Jewelry Box by aka Design

And don’t forget about these great ideas that have been featured on Creative Collections before…

Lego Table by Kojo Designs

Play Kitchen by Ikea Hackers
DIY playkitcen in white from Hungary (1)-706156


How are you going to customize/repurpose?

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Our Ikea Trip

Ahh, Ikea… the big blue warehouse that can take 4 hours of my life and countless dollars out of my bank account. Oh how I love you! (And for that matter, so does my husband!)

How we prepared:
1.  Perused the Ikea catalogue… multiple times
2.  Made a list of everything we wanted categorized by areas of the store
3.  Asked friends and family what they wanted us to pick up (when the closest store is 2 hours away, you have to include this step)
4.  Sold the dining room table and chairs

Before picture (Emily was at her sitter's so her carseat was pulled out)

Before picture (Emily was at her sitter’s so her carseat was pulled out)

Yep, that was our big focus! For a couple of years, we’ve been talked about getting one of their extendable tables. With leaves that could fold into the table. No taking up valuable closet space. And no more me sitting on the very corner of the table when we host family dinners.

The day was a huge success. Great “date day.” Dining room table and chairs. Play pans and food for Emily’s kitchen. Kitchen light. Picture frames for 2 projects… And an armchair (oops, totally not on our list but it’s beautiful).



At home:
1.  Unload the jigsaw puzzle of a back seat
2.  Fill and hang 14 picture frames
3.  Put together lots of furniture
4.  Hang the new kitchen light
5.  Sell our other armchair
6.  Recycle all those boxes

All except numbers 3, 4 and 6 are done.

Here's why #6 isn't done. Because who doesn't love playing in a box!

Here’s why #6 isn’t done. Because who doesn’t love playing in a box!


Our new armchair. That’s what happens when you sit in all sorts of chairs–you find one you love!


For most special occasions, Logan gets me these beautiful handmade cards from Global Gifts. I’ve been saying for ages that I wanted to frame them. Sorry that the lighting on this picture is so dark!


The middle three picture frames were already there, but we needed more spaces to put pictures as Emily gets older. So we added the outside columns.

The current state of our dining room. All of the chairs are put together, just waiting on the table!

The current state of our dining room. All of the chairs are put together, just waiting on the table!

What I can’t believe is how little we got for Emily–just some play pots, felt food, bibs with arms (genius), and a step stool. Oh well, there’s always next time!


Dear Indianapolis, You need to convince Ikea to build a store here. Think of what great things it would do for the city. Lots of people coming in to shop. Building up an area that doesn’t have much going on. Just check out the Cincinnati area–there used to be nothing around Ikea 3 years ago and now there are hotels, businesses, and restaurants. Just saying! 


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Creative Collections: Valentine’s Day


There are tons and tons of cute Valentine’s Day ideas out there. Seriously, thousands. And they’re lighting up Pinterest right now. So I narrowed it down to my top 10 favorite ideas for this Valentine’s Day. And, there’s still over a week before the 14th, so there’s still time!

1.  Paper Heart Wreath by The Hybrid Chick (this has to be first, because I actually did it!)

2. Valentine’s Day Printables by We Love Being Moms

3.  Valentine Jelly Pops by Taste for Adventure


4. Ruffled Heart Dress by Make It and Love It


5. Monster Shirt by Make It and Love It

6. Floating Heart Wall Art by Making Home Base

7. Lots of Little Hearts by Real Life, One Day at a Time

8. Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting by KoJo Designs

9. Cake Cookies by Taste and Tell


10. Felt Heart Bookmark by The DIY Dreamer

*I also found this cute idea from Daisy Pink Cupcake where you fill 2 dozen balloons and write one reason why you love your husband in each one. So. sweet.

What other projects or recipes do you use for Valentine’s Day?


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