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Creative Collections: Repurposing T-Shirts

I know there are lots of people who are cleaning out their closets and finding all sorts of t-shirts that aren’t making the cut for the spring and summer. And these are some great projects if you have some shirts that you’re like “Well, MAYBE I’ll wear them…” Yeah, you’re not going and they’ll get lost in the back of your drawers. So here are some ideas to spruce up tees that are still in good shape.

Ruffle Waterfall Tee by In Honor of Design

Anthro-Insprired Hip Cinched Blouse by Recycled Lovelies

V-Neck into Gathered Cowl Collar by Trash to Couture

Lace T-Shirt Refashion by Ma Nouvelle Mode

Ruffly Shirt Refashion by Ruffles and Stuff

Emma Pillsbury T-Shirt Refashion by iCandy Handmade

Pencil Skirt by Trash to Couture

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Creative Collections: Floor Pillows

One of the things I’m planning to make for the girls’ playroom is floor pillows for their reading nook. I’m also planning to recover one of my poufs, because the inside lining got a hole and now the little foamy beads are falling out everywhere. I’m not entirely sure where I think I’ll find the time to sew… but it’s a nice thought! 

Gum Drop Pillows by Amy Butler

Pouf DIY by The Cream to My Coffee

Floor Cushion by DIY Home Sweet Home

Giant Floor Pillows by Oven Lovin’ Blog

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Quick Christmas Presents

As hard as I try, every year I’m still scrambling to finish up Christmas shopping/making right until the very end. And often, that’s because those hard-to-buy-for people on my list are still troubling me. So I’ve been searching Pinterest for ideas and have come across some great ideas for last minute gifts. Easy, fast, but still thoughtful. Perfect for this busy time!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser by Park House Love

Glitter Dipped Mug by White House Black Shutters

Tea Wreath by KoJo Designs

Cardigan Embellishment by The Sisters Four
cropped cardi

Mustache Glasses by No. 2 Pencil

For Kids:

Lego Tray by That’s My Letter

Doll Diapers by Bee in My Bonnet
christmas sewing 067

Magnetic Pattern Blocks by Make It and Love It

Cardboard Castle by Mer Mag

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Happy Halloween!

Did you hear about the storm system that pushed through the Midwest last Thursday? Which meant that our trick-or-treating got pushed back to Friday night. Which ended up being a beautiful night! And Emily loved walking around to the neighbors saying hi!


 Monday night I decided Emily was going to be a peacock, Tuesday night I put it all together. She almost was a Colts cheerleader, but as a crafty mom, I was having a hard time with the idea of not making her something (I know, lame, but still this strange guilt came over me whenever I thought about it).


So I saw these adorable wing from KoJo Designs and decided to make my own version.

KoJo Designs

KoJo Designs

What you’ll need:

1.  Cut two triangles from the felt. Each triangle should be the size of the center of your little one’s back to her wrist.

2.  Layer the feathers. Run a stitch across each layer.


3.  Attach the two triangles together where they would cross at her back. Attach a ribbon so the ribbon can tie around her neck (loosely of course).

And if your child refuses to let you tie it around her neck… tack it to another shirt or hooded sweatshirt.

4.  Attach ribbons on the end of each wing so they can tie around her wrist.

*For the tutu, I used this tutorial. Super quick and easy!



I can’t wait to see her using these as dress up clothes too!

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Flip Flops

Ahh, the time for flip flops has finally come to Indiana! There were a few weeks that I was wondering if warm weather would ever come!

Since I’m in the process of ending the school year AND moving classrooms (third grade, here I come), I decided I’d repost some of my favorite summer posts during these next two weeks. I hope you can find something to get you ready for hot weather, pool days, and sunshine!


From July 11, 2012

I love flip flops! So comfortable, go with anything, inexpensive, no fuss. Just perfect for summer. But sometimes it would be fun to make them a little something special! So here are some fun ways to jazz yours up!

Keep in mind, some of these are more designed for little kids’ flip flops. But you can absolutely do these with your own! Just add more ribbon/fabric!

Stretchy Knit Straps with Flowers by Make It and Love It

The Knot So Hard Flip Flops by The Mother Huddle

Ribbon Wrapped Flip Flops by Mi Bello Boutique

Braided Flip Flops by By Wilma

Gladiator Wrap Flip Flops by Cut Out + Keep

Beaded Flip Flops by Trinkets in Bloom

Hmm, time to look for some sales on flip flops to try all of these!

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Creative Collections: Mother’s Day

I love Mother’s Day! And not just because I’m a mom (though that does make it even more special now). But my mom is absolutely wonderful–and she’s a fabulous grandma!

So in celebration of all those wonderful moms out there…

Teacup Candles by Martha Stewart

Painted Spoons by The Happy Homebodies

Arty Drawer Liners by Artful Kids

Art Portfolio by Becoming Home

Button Bracelet by Sew Many Ways
button bracelet 062

Pleated Purse by U Handbag

Mason Jar Planter Box by Shanty 2 Chic

Love Art by Embrace Your Chaos



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Emily’s Doll

You know how there are some projects that you just love? That was this doll!


I used the tutorial at Make It and Love It. Way easier than I was expecting–two days later, I was done… Okay, I stayed up WAY too late one night, but it was so worth it!

I based Emily's on the one on the left.

Usually I’m all about personalizing a project and not following the picture exactly. But the doll on the left uses the same material as Emily’s birthday skirt, so that’s what I kept picturing. I couldn’t find any pink chevron for her tights, but the top is the same. Just with some sleeves.


Honestly, the only difficult part was attaching the front and back pieces, because there were arms, legs, and hair to keep tucked in. LOTS of pins, sore fingers, a few retries later, and she was done!


Why yes, Emily does match with her doll…

I just love her! And Emily likes to carry her around by her braids! Or tickle her nose with the end of the braids.

DSCN1200 Plus some skirts for her to wear. Since the skirt pieces only measured 5×21″,  my scrap box had plenty of options. Okay, I did go back to the store to get her birthday skirt fabric (the skirt on the bottom) so Emily and her dolly can match.

hbK3ZHxBYSZUSRwF69IalyysJPwkUIJHbKhAPL1JxaARight now Emily mostly just holds her or pushes her in the little stroller. But there’s just something about seeing her hugging and carrying around the doll I made for her!

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Bib Backpack Tutorial

I saw an idea on Pinterest about hanging bibs on the back of a high chair using a Command hook. Genius, I thought. Until I watched my child reach up and pull things off a table higher than I thought she could reach. Yeah, those bibs would be everywhere! But I really wanted the drawer space back! So I decided on a “backpack” that would hang on the back of her chair.

Now, I have to be honest. I know how to make one type of pouch. And I just used the same format over and over. Remember, this tutorial for the bag for Fabric Memory? Pretty much the same thing with just a few modifications (yeah, I’m using some of the same pictures…) I did only use one panel for the outer fabric and lining this time though.

Fabric Memory bag

Fabric Memory bag

What you’ll need:
*Outer fabric panel 14×24″
*Lining fabric panel 14×24″
*coordinating ribbons

1.  Fold the bottom of your panel up so there’s about a 4″ flap at the top. Sew up both sides. Do this with the lining too.

2.  Creating a flat bottom:  Push your corners out so they create a triangle.

3.  Measure down 1″ from the corner.  Sew a seam following the line your pin created, intersecting your side seam. Repeat with both corners of the outer fabric and both corners of the lining.


Finished bottom

4.  Turn your lining right side out and slide into your main fabric (which is still inside out). Line up the upper edges and pin.
Slide the lining in
Pin the edges

5.  Sew around all the edges, leaving about an inch gap. Clip your corners.

6.  Turn it right side out. Top stitch around the whole opening, which will close the gap.

7.  Attach the velcro to the flap and line it up on the front of the bag.

8.  Find the center of your ribbon. Zig zag it to attach to the back of your bag. The position of these ribbons depends on your chair. Make sure they easily attach to the back.DSC02744

Then you’re ready to attach to your chair and fill with bibs. Nice and out of the way!


Enjoy that you just freed up a drawer in your kitchen!


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Party Outfit

I spent hours deciding what Emily would wear for her party (and now I’m a little embarrassed to admit that!). Make or buy? Skirt or dress? Style? Fabric? The only thing I knew was that it would be pink. And somehow go with butterflies.

The decision:


For all that agonizing, the outfit ended up being pretty easy to make.





I took a onesie we already had and added some ribbon and a butterfly. JoAnns had this pleated-type ribbon that I pinned into a  butterfly path (I’ve done this with regular ribbon and it looks great). The butterfly was so easy, but I think it’s really fun! I cut a butterfly out of felt and zig zagged the center to the onesie. Then I folded it over and sewed a straight seam to create the 3-d effect.



I used this idea from Designed by Dawn Nicole–I just left it as a skirt. Super easy to do, but it did take more fabric than I thought.

Lessons Learned:  Keep it simple. Pick and choose what you like from outfits. I’m finding that with Emily’s clothes, I do a lot of tutorial mash-ups instead of creating my own patterns. Best way to go!


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Creative Collections: Make Your Own Doll

Emily doesn’t have a doll. I know, crazy, she’s nearly a year old! I had wanted to make her first one, but it just hasn’t happened. Then over the weekend, Emily and I were visiting a friend and her new sweet baby boy. Her older daughter had one of her babies in the carseat. Emily started rocking the baby doll! I’ve never seen her do that before, and it was just so sweet. Where did she learn something like that though?

It did make me realize that I had better get going! So–her first birthday party, Easter dress, and then a doll. I can’t wait!

Here are some of the handmade dolls I’ve found in my searches…

Rag Doll by Quaint and Quirky
fisher jeff layla doll_3219

Monster Doll by Or So She Says

The Modest Mermaid by The Crafting Fiend
doneno tail

Babushka Doll by Cupcake Cutie

Basic Rag Doll by Miss Gioia

And the ones I’ve decided on…

Fabric Dolls by Make It and Love It

Coco-Esque Babydoll by Kojo Designs


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