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Piper Grace is Finally Here

Piper Grace Mastain
May 2, 2014 at 12:46 am
8 lb 12 oz, 21 3/4 in


Clearly this sweet girl has her own timeline–3 days at 46 minutes past her due date. My water broke around 11:00 am May 1st, and we went to the hospital shortly after that. After lots of waiting and walking, I had to get some help from the pitocin. Even then, it took awhile for labor to really start. But when Piper decided she was ready, she didn’t mess around!



She’s fantastic. Eats like a champ, snuggles, naps through lots of noise, puts up with her big sister showering love on her. She does have her days and nights mixed up, and we started working on her not needing someone to hold her to sleep. Last night was our first night back at home, and it was a tough one. Piper was up every half an hour from 2-7. Oh my, I wish the hospital would send home one of those wonderful nurses who snuggle her at night and then bring her in to nurse. But lots of naps, caffeine, and chocolate will hopefully get us through the next few weeks while we figure this out.

20140503-194951.jpg Emily loves her baby Piper. Tons of hugs, kisses, pats, and soothing. She’s constantly wanting to hold Piper and is really pretty gentle with her. Emi is testing some limits, and I expect that will get worse before it gets better. I love watching my two little girls together, and I can’t wait to watch them become best friends.

20140503-195005.jpg I’m so thankful for all the help our friends and family have given. We really couldn’t have made this transition nearly as well without all their love, support, and prayers. From watching Emily to bringing meals to sending encouragement. You realize just how much you’re loved in times like this. Thank you!


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Emily’s Birthday Party

A month ago, Emily turned 2. It’s hard to believe that I’m chasing this toddler around! And the little person she’s becoming–all this talking! Seriously, look at that face! Is it any wonder that I’m a complete softy for her!


Opening her sparkly blue Toms

Planning her party was so much fun! And, not surprising, I went a little overboard. Totally worth it though!


The theme was Emily’s Bake Shop. She’s absolutely loves “cooking” in her kitchen (it’s so exciting when they fall in love with a previous present), and it was so fun to see something she enjoys so much be part of the party.



Slide1 The food…
I kept the menu really simple this time. Veggies and hummus, trail mix bar, sugar cookies, fruit, chips and salsa, lemonade. Plus the kids got to decorate their own cupcakes. I’ll be honest, I used cream cheese frosting from a tub. Just lots of food coloring to make it bright.




Trail Mix Bar: Honey Nut Cheerios, Chex, Reeses Cereal, pretzels, M&Ms, chocolate chips, Goldfish, coconut, raisins, peanuts The bags are white lunch bags that I cut down and glued circles on.


Decorate Your Own Cupcake: sprinkles, colored sugar, mini M&Ms


Who knew that Solo had little cups with lids on them! Perfect for a toddler party!

 The decorations…
This was actually pretty easy–just finding my colorful kitchen tools.

Food labels

Food labels


Little chef’s hats for the little chefs


Jar filled with cookie cutters

The activities…


Decorate a cardboard “cookie” with paper “frosting” and stickers


The kids got to decorate their own aprons with markers.


We brought down Emily’s kitchen and borrowed two others.



All of Emily’s play food… this lasted for about 2 seconds

The party favors…
More sugar cookies and cookie cutters


Favorite Moments of the Day



My little cupcake monster


Loving the tissue paper as much as the generous gifts!



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Creative Collections: DIY Beauty Products

In this winter that doesn’t seem to end, I’ve fought dry skin and chapped lips. Especially the last week (when winter is supposed to be over!). Gosh I’m ready for nice weather, walks outside, and leaving the winter coat behind. But in the meantime, I’m drinking tons of water and looking for some good lotions. I’ve looked on Pinterest for some diy lotion/bars/chapstick…anything that will help get through these last weeks of winter.

Burt’s Bees Style Lip Balm

from Broke & Healthy

from Broke & Healthy

Essential Lip Balm

from doTerra Everyday

from doTerra Everyday

Moisturizing Lotion

from One Good Thing by Jillee

from One Good Thing by Jillee

Lotion Bars

from All for the Everyday

from All for the Everyday

Body Butter

from One Good Thing by Jillee

from One Good Thing by Jillee

Don’t forget about just using coconut oil too! It’s always a great solution.


Hopefully winter will end soon!

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Emily is Two!

Dear Emily,
2 years old! How did that happen so fast?

I kept getting teary-eyed thinking about how two years ago our lives totally changed as you came into the world. Changed for the better. Now I can’t imagine our lives without you.

Week 1

Week 1

Sweet girl, I love your outgoing, bubbly personality. Your smile just lights up the room and you can’t help but smile back. And that laugh of yours! Talk about joy! You also give the best hugs. One of my favorite things is when you suddenly decide you need a hug, open your arms wide, and repeat “hug” until we scoop you up.

One year old

Not that it’s all been easy! You’re stubborn like Daddy and particular like Momma. And trying to be independent, which is hard since you’re vocabulary is still developing. And nap time… Sweet pea, it’s not time to drop it yet!


My big girl

Things you like:
*Reading (well, really looking through books and babbling stories)
*Alphabet:  singing the ABC song, identifying your letters, repeating letters
*Daniel Tiger
*Cooking:  both with Momma and in your kitchen set
*Your stuffed animals
*Going to church to sing to Jesus
*Running and trying to jump
*Getting the mail
*The Children’s Museum
*Making animal noises

You are an amazing, little girl. Our lives are so much better because you’re in it. And your little sister is so blessed to have you as a big sister.


Happy Birthday Emily Claire!

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Happy Valentines Day!

May love and laughter fill your house throughout the year and may you cherish it even more today!

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Creative Collections: Valentine’s Day

So it’s only February and I’ve already messed up my New Year’s Resolution of making sure I post on here at least once a week. Boo. I had been fighting a cold for the last three weeks, which turned into a sinus infection last week. Pretty much I went to work, laid on the couch being pathetic, and not sleeping well at night. Fortunately I was put on antibiotics Thursday and am slowly starting to feel better. Being sick while you’re pregnant is no fun.

In other news, little Piper is having a soccer game every night. Feeling that is probably my favorite part of being pregnant.

Anyway…I digress..

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I collected some of my favorite ideas for treats and cards. I was going to split these into two posts, but since I missed last week… Oh well, I guess you get everything I had planned–all in one place!

Sweet Treats

Double Heart Cookies by Baked Bree

Easy Cookies by Family Fresh Meals

White Chocolate Reese’s Krispie Hearts by Inside BruCrew Life

Sweetheart Buddies by Risking Spontaneous Delight

Cards and Gifts

Valentine’s Bookmark by Kristin Eldridge

Handprint Heart Tree Craft by I Heart Crafty Things
Handprint Heart Tree Craft

Seeds of Friendship by Rook No. 17
seeds of friendship free printable valentine rookno17 2

Fortune Cookie Cards by Splash of Something

Valentine Ring Bling by Someday Crafts
bling ring2

Gumball Love Cards by Cupcake Cutiees


Enjoy getting your little treats ready for your loved ones!

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Money Saving Tip


So my love of pillows is no secret. And while Logan’s rule is “one in, one out,” that’s getting bent a little with a new house. Yay!

However, pillow inserts can be pricy. So while I was at Target today (with most of the rest of Indianapolis), I found these bags of Glimmer Snow Blanket on sale for $0.29! I’ve used these before to stuff pillows. Just tear it apart, fluff it up, and stuff a pillow. For crazy cheap 🙂

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January 4, 2014 · 1:39 pm

Merry Christmas!


I hope your Christmas was full of family and laughter. We had an amazing time with family…just way too much food!

May the love of Jesus fill your hearts. With much love, Logan, Lindsey, Emily , and Piper Grace

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December 25, 2013 · 10:16 pm

Baby #2

On Thursday, we found that Baby #2 is… a girl! I have to admit, I was pretty surprised. This pregnancy has been so different than mine with Emily (although, my life is completely different now than it was then!).

photo 2

Logan and I made my class sugar cookies (using this recipe) and frosted them in pink. I had the kids vote on if they thought Baby 2 was a boy or girl. Twenty kids chose a boy, six kids chose a girl. I had them put their heads down and gave them their cookies. When I told them to look, their reaction was, “Oooh, thanks for the cookies! But is it a boy or girl?” Haha, it still took a few seconds after I told them to look at the frosting 🙂

We’re teaching Emily to say the baby’s name…which means that we might have to tell people her name before she’s born! In the meantime, sweet baby is quite the  mover and is healthy. Praise God!


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Slowing down



I get this whole week off from school…one of the few perks of starting school the first of August! So of course, I’ve been packing the days with Emily play time, errands, naps, sewing, and painting. Promise, pictures soon (notice I didn’t say cleaning which is something that MUST get done before pictures!)

This morning is especially busy with getting things ready for tomorrow and finishing up little projects. So when Emily wanted to just sit and read in her room first thing this morning, I went through the list of things I could do at the same time–laundry, straightening up, sewing prep.


But instead I just watched her. And it was the best 10 minutes of the day!


So just remember, in all of this crazy busy holiday season, take a minute to savor the simple moments and enjoy what this is all about. Best wishes!


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