Creative Collections: Repurposing T-Shirts

I know there are lots of people who are cleaning out their closets and finding all sorts of t-shirts that aren’t making the cut for the spring and summer. And these are some great projects if you have some shirts that you’re like “Well, MAYBE I’ll wear them…” Yeah, you’re not going and they’ll get lost in the back of your drawers. So here are some ideas to spruce up tees that are still in good shape.

Ruffle Waterfall Tee by In Honor of Design

Anthro-Insprired Hip Cinched Blouse by Recycled Lovelies

V-Neck into Gathered Cowl Collar by Trash to Couture

Lace T-Shirt Refashion by Ma Nouvelle Mode

Ruffly Shirt Refashion by Ruffles and Stuff

Emma Pillsbury T-Shirt Refashion by iCandy Handmade

Pencil Skirt by Trash to Couture

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Still Not Here

Dear Piper,

You were due yesterday. And you’re still not here. Now I know that a due date is just a guess, but sweetie, I really want to meet you. And snuggle you. And count your fingers and toes. And smell your lovely baby smell. Plus Daddy and Emily want to meet you. So please, come soon (like tomorrow).

Love, Momma

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8 Days Till Due Date

Single digits. Craziness.

For so long, this pregnancy felt like it was taking absolutely forever. And now, my due date is just around the corner. I’m so excited to meet Piper Grace! Counting her fingers and toes, watching her sleep, snuggling, smelling the baby smell. And seeing Emily with her baby Piper.

Week 2

Is there anything better than a sleeping baby?

And yet, as excited as I am, I’m scared to death. Which I suppose is normal. But I do have some guilt about how many things are going to change for Emily. I’ll be the first to admit, that little girl is a little bit spoiled and definitely a princess! How could she not be–have you seen that smile! Emily is, in theory, excited about Piper coming–she loves babies and is as gentle as a toddler can be with them. It’s just going to be hard when Momma is holding the baby and Emily wants me…


We’ve been trying to prepare Emily for her little sister…
*Talking about her all the time
*Kisses, hugs, pats, talking to her
*Naming one of her favorite babies Piper
*Letting Emily play with Piper’s toys and crib
*Buying a present for Piper
*Getting a present for Emily from Piper
*Creating a “you are special” book for Emily while we’re gone

Any other suggestions that you’ve tried when new babies join the family? Suggestions for when Piper comes? Ideas for quality time with Emily?

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Creative Collections: Floor Pillows

One of the things I’m planning to make for the girls’ playroom is floor pillows for their reading nook. I’m also planning to recover one of my poufs, because the inside lining got a hole and now the little foamy beads are falling out everywhere. I’m not entirely sure where I think I’ll find the time to sew… but it’s a nice thought! 

Gum Drop Pillows by Amy Butler

Pouf DIY by The Cream to My Coffee

Floor Cushion by DIY Home Sweet Home

Giant Floor Pillows by Oven Lovin’ Blog

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Emily’s Birthday Party

A month ago, Emily turned 2. It’s hard to believe that I’m chasing this toddler around! And the little person she’s becoming–all this talking! Seriously, look at that face! Is it any wonder that I’m a complete softy for her!


Opening her sparkly blue Toms

Planning her party was so much fun! And, not surprising, I went a little overboard. Totally worth it though!


The theme was Emily’s Bake Shop. She’s absolutely loves “cooking” in her kitchen (it’s so exciting when they fall in love with a previous present), and it was so fun to see something she enjoys so much be part of the party.



Slide1 The food…
I kept the menu really simple this time. Veggies and hummus, trail mix bar, sugar cookies, fruit, chips and salsa, lemonade. Plus the kids got to decorate their own cupcakes. I’ll be honest, I used cream cheese frosting from a tub. Just lots of food coloring to make it bright.




Trail Mix Bar: Honey Nut Cheerios, Chex, Reeses Cereal, pretzels, M&Ms, chocolate chips, Goldfish, coconut, raisins, peanuts The bags are white lunch bags that I cut down and glued circles on.


Decorate Your Own Cupcake: sprinkles, colored sugar, mini M&Ms


Who knew that Solo had little cups with lids on them! Perfect for a toddler party!

 The decorations…
This was actually pretty easy–just finding my colorful kitchen tools.

Food labels

Food labels


Little chef’s hats for the little chefs


Jar filled with cookie cutters

The activities…


Decorate a cardboard “cookie” with paper “frosting” and stickers


The kids got to decorate their own aprons with markers.


We brought down Emily’s kitchen and borrowed two others.



All of Emily’s play food… this lasted for about 2 seconds

The party favors…
More sugar cookies and cookie cutters


Favorite Moments of the Day



My little cupcake monster


Loving the tissue paper as much as the generous gifts!



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Creative Collections: Toddler Games

Even though our Spring Break has already passed, I’ve been looking for easy games, crafts, and activities for Emily. Things to practice colors, letters, numbers… Quiet activities for when Momma and Baby Piper need to rest… And even though she has some fantastic toys (kitchen set, blocks, coloring books, etc), it’s always nice to have some new and quick games for Emily to play.

None of these are actual busy bags (for another day, because I have quite a collection of ideas!). But all are cheap and easy to put together!

Magnetic Pattern Blocks by Make It and Love It

DIY Wood Instruments by Hello Bee

Colored Beans by Fun at Home with Kids
1-IMG_4354 (1)

Painting with Condensed Milk by ECE Made Easy

Fishing for Friends by Toddler Approved
Fishing Collage

ABC Easter Egg Match by My Sister’s Suitcase

Count and Sort Math Box by The Imagination Tree


This has been on elf the most fun posts to research. There are so many great ideas for easy toddler games that don’t require many materials. I can’t wait to get some of these ready for Emily!

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Creative Collections: Play Dough Recipes

So Spring Break has finally come! Who would have thought with all the cancellations and delays in January that it would have taken so long? Too bad SPRING missed the memo about break. It snowed yesterday. Snowed. I’m so ready for nice weather that will stick around for longer than two days!

But since it’s been cold and since there will be rainy days when spring does decide to show up, I’ve collected some Play Dough recipes that you can make at home. I’ve used the first one in my classroom and the kids loved it! These also would be great little gifts!

Squishy Play Dough by How Does She

Softest Play Dough by Kids Activities Blog

Gluten Free by Fun at Home with Kids

Flour-Free Play Dough by Hands On As We Grow

Kool Aid Play Dough by Pink and Green Mama
kool Aid Playdough

Slime by Teach Preschool


In other news, Emily is fighting nap something fierce. Any ideas to either make napping happen or transition into”quiet time?” Because this momma still needs a nap!

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