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Bib Backpack Tutorial

I saw an idea on Pinterest about hanging bibs on the back of a high chair using a Command hook. Genius, I thought. Until I watched my child reach up and pull things off a table higher than I thought she could reach. Yeah, those bibs would be everywhere! But I really wanted the drawer space back! So I decided on a “backpack” that would hang on the back of her chair.

Now, I have to be honest. I know how to make one type of pouch. And I just used the same format over and over. Remember, this tutorial for the bag for Fabric Memory? Pretty much the same thing with just a few modifications (yeah, I’m using some of the same pictures…) I did only use one panel for the outer fabric and lining this time though.

Fabric Memory bag

Fabric Memory bag

What you’ll need:
*Outer fabric panel 14×24″
*Lining fabric panel 14×24″
*coordinating ribbons

1.  Fold the bottom of your panel up so there’s about a 4″ flap at the top. Sew up both sides. Do this with the lining too.

2.  Creating a flat bottom:  Push your corners out so they create a triangle.

3.  Measure down 1″ from the corner.  Sew a seam following the line your pin created, intersecting your side seam. Repeat with both corners of the outer fabric and both corners of the lining.


Finished bottom

4.  Turn your lining right side out and slide into your main fabric (which is still inside out). Line up the upper edges and pin.
Slide the lining in
Pin the edges

5.  Sew around all the edges, leaving about an inch gap. Clip your corners.

6.  Turn it right side out. Top stitch around the whole opening, which will close the gap.

7.  Attach the velcro to the flap and line it up on the front of the bag.

8.  Find the center of your ribbon. Zig zag it to attach to the back of your bag. The position of these ribbons depends on your chair. Make sure they easily attach to the back.DSC02744

Then you’re ready to attach to your chair and fill with bibs. Nice and out of the way!


Enjoy that you just freed up a drawer in your kitchen!


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Large Cinched Tote

I love making bags. Not much time needed, little fabric (which means you can splurge once in awhile), and super cute. So when I saw the Large Cinched Tote on Pinterest, I had to check it out! Amy from The Big Oak Tree posted this tutorial and I just love it!

I followed Amy’s directions pretty carefully, and they were really easy to understand. The only tricky part is adding the hexagon for the bottom. The fabric that I chose for both  bags I made (one was for a gift) was pretty lightweight, so I ironed some stiff Pelon onto the lining bottom to give it a little shape. Oh, also tricky (for me) was the buttonholes. I tend to avoid putting them in at all costs. But there was no way around it here, because that’s what makes the bag so cute! So I got brave and tried.

Amy suggested using it as a beach/pool bag, but I’ve used it as a diaper bag. The cinched belt keeps everything in and there’s tons of room!




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12 Gifts of Christmas: Men’s Bags


Bags for men were harder to come by. Especially because many of them are the same styles. Hopefully there’s something here for your man!


Messenger Bags by Sew4Home
Box Bag by Drago[kint]fly
Remote Caddy by Sew4Home


iPad Slipcover Case with Pocket by My Patchwork
Circle Zip Earbud Pouch by Dog Under My Desk
Kindle Cover by Skip to My Lou




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12 Gifts of Christmas: Women’s Bags


I think bags are always the perfect gift… mostly because I love them! Here are some of my favorite looking bags, clutches, and totes.


Large Tote with Rounded Opening by Make It and Love It
The Placemat Tote by Sew4Home
1 Hour Bag by Ric Rac


Reversible Sling Bag by Crap I’ve Made
Pick a Pocket Purse by All People Quilt
Laminated “Just In Time” Bag by SEW Timeless


Zest Tote Bag by JoAnn Fabrics
Market Tote by The Sewing Dork
Blossom Handbag by Sew, Mama, Sew


Here’s the tote from Make it and Love it that I made. I made a pin with the flowers so the bag could be washed more easily, using the tutorial from Infarrantly Creative.





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Messenger Bag

I have a list of sewing/crafting projects that I want to get done, and for awhile this 2-in-1 Bag has been in mind. I have no need of the straps being able to attach to a stroller, but I thought it was a great idea and decided to include them anyway. I combined 2-in-1 Bag tutorial with ideas from a messenger bag from Sew What! Bags to get…

Without meaning to, I chose fabrics similar to the tutorial (I had seen this months before choosing my fabrics). I did use a home decor fabric for the outside so it was nice and sturdy. The lining is quilting cotton.

I cut the bag, front flap, straps, and lining based on the 2-in-1 bag. But when I tested the bag with a binder in it, I felt the bag needed to be a little taller so I could use it for school. So I cut another 3-in strip to attach to the top (once the seams were done, the flaps were 14 1/2″ x 22″). I used a piece of the lining so it looked more intentional (and I was nearly out of the front fabric!).

I also added… Pockets! I love to have pockets to store things in. Choosing the size of the pockets was just eyeballing what size looked good.

Pocket 1 (attached to the back of the bag):   Cut a rectangle of fabric. On one end, press 1/2″ and then another 1/2″. Sew. Then fold the pocket almost in half, right sides together. Leave at least 3/4″ at the top. Sew the side seams. Turn right side out and attach to the lining of the bag (I added it to the seam when I attached the extra 3″).

Pocket 2 (attached to the front of the bag):  Cut a rectangle of fabric. Around each of the sides, press 1/4″ and then another 1/4″. Sew. Pin to the front of your bag and sew around the 2 sides and bottom. I also stitched from the bottom to top about 5″ from each side to create mini-pockets.

Here’s where the unintentional variations started… As in, oops I messed  up 🙂

1.  I spaced and sewed both sides of straps the same way so I didn’t have the extra length on the strap. That ended up being okay, because that long strap is plenty long and the two shorts straps will still work.

2.  With the shorts straps, I decided to have them snap onto the main part of the bag so they didn’t flop around. But this was my first time with attaching snaps and I did the first one backwards. And those suckers don’t come off! So now the short straps have to get folded over a little to attach.

See on the right side how the strap has to fold down to attach to the snap hole? Oops.

Overall… very cute and perfect for my trip to Chicago!




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