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Quick Christmas Presents

As hard as I try, every year I’m still scrambling to finish up Christmas shopping/making right until the very end. And often, that’s because those hard-to-buy-for people on my list are still troubling me. So I’ve been searching Pinterest for ideas and have come across some great ideas for last minute gifts. Easy, fast, but still thoughtful. Perfect for this busy time!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser by Park House Love

Glitter Dipped Mug by White House Black Shutters

Tea Wreath by KoJo Designs

Cardigan Embellishment by The Sisters Four
cropped cardi

Mustache Glasses by No. 2 Pencil

For Kids:

Lego Tray by That’s My Letter

Doll Diapers by Bee in My Bonnet
christmas sewing 067

Magnetic Pattern Blocks by Make It and Love It

Cardboard Castle by Mer Mag

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Merry Christmas (yesterday)

Merry Christmas!



So Happy Boxing Day!

I had every intention of posting my well wishes for you, but with all the cooking (and eating!), family, and Emily, the day just slipped away. But our first Christmas with Emily was wonderful. She was her sweet, bubbly self and had fun with unwrapping presents. She wasn’t so happy when we took the wrapping paper out of her mouth…






 Today we were hit with the Blizzard of 2012. Fortunately I didn’t have to be anywhere (too bad I couldn’t get to Target for all the clearanced Christmas things) and Logan got sent home. More playing with toys, walking in the snow, and watching hours of weather coverage.



And now Christmas is packed away and my house is ready for some serious cleaning and organizing. 

PS:  I usually don’t un-decorate my house right after Christmas, but Logan suggested it since he was off today. It was nice to have the help!

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12 Gifts of Christmas: Gifts for Men

This was by far the most difficult one to put together! I think that making gifts for guys is so much harder than for girls!

But here are some great ideas… and don’t forget, about an hour 🙂

Paracord Lanyard by Stormdrane’s Lanyard

Moustache Coffee Mug by Plaid

Handmade Ties by The Purl Bee

Firewood Tote by Whip Up

Grill Rubs by A Creative Maven (Kojo Designs)
Screen-Shot-2012-12-03-at-10.28.18-AMBike Frame Lunch Bag by Evil Mad Scientist

Etched Glasses by Make: Craft

Coffee Sleeve by All Free Sewing

BBQ Mop Bucket by Westlake Hardware

Wine Bottle Glasses by Scissors and Steam

Leather Cuff by The Red Kitchen
The Leather Cuff (title picture PLAIN)

Ipad Cover and Stand by Practically Functional


Even though Christmas is on Tuesday, it’s still plenty of time for some of these quick gifts.

And so ends my 12 Gifts of Christmas for this year.

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12 Gifts of Christmas: For the Ladies

This has been one of my favorite posts to put together!

Mercury Glass by Katie’s Rose Garden
mg 8 copy

Turquoise Knot Necklace by Mama Says Sew

Apron by Amy Hearts It
I might be making this for someone on my list…

Hand Drawn Decorated Bags by Emmi Grace and Me

Bow Belt by Momtastic

Quick Bread in a Bottle by Sunset

Bird Nest Necklace by Sarah Ortega

Ear Warmers by Delia Creates
Is this on my gift list… why yes it is!

Lunch Bag by Belly Buttons Boutique
lunchpg1Wine Cork Coasters by Pin Cookie

Bath Bombs by Instructables

Cake Stand by The Bride’s Tree

Hmm, I might need to make some of these gifts for myself too!

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12 Gifts of Christmas: Gifts for Boys

And our counterpart… gifts for the little boys in your life!

Dinosaur Hoodie by DIYing to be Domestic

Car Roll Up Caddy by Lil Mop Top

Fort Kit by Meg and Andy Made

Skateboard Sling by The Boy Trifecta

Lego Table by Our Wee Family

Rag Quilt Letters by Happy Together Creates

Superhero Cape by Come On, Ilene!

Tool Bench by Hidden Sisters

Card Table Fort by Sew Much Ado
This one might take longer than an hour.
Sewing and Crafts 044

Big Boy Belts by I am Momma, Hear Me Roar

Busy Board by Making Boys Men
busy board 1

Marshmallow Shooter by Thrifty and Thriving
This one is for older boys

Happy gift making!

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12 Gifts of Christmas: Gifts for Girls

And with days to spare… 12 Gifts for the little girls in your lives!
All of these gifts can be done in about an hour…give or take.

Magnetic Paper Dolls by Make It and Love It

Layered Twirly Dress by Pattern Remix

 Play Kitchen by Ikea Hackers

Scrappy Tutu by Create Kids Couture

Rag Quilt Letters by Happy Together Creates
This one might take a little longer than an hour.

Cone Girl Paper Dolls by Mr. Printables

Coco-esque Baby Doll by Kojo Designs

Tea Party Accessories by Kozy Kiddo

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by A Wednesday Afternoon

Lego Table by Our Wee Family

Sweater Leggings by Make It and Love It

Appliquéd Bag by V and Co.
Another one that might take a little longer than an hour.

I hope some of these give you an idea for the sweet girls in your life.

Gifts for Boys coming next…

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Creative Collections: Christmas Wreaths

As much as I love Christmas (and I do!), I’m dragging my feet on decorating my house. I think there are a few things holding me back… I have several sewing orders to fill and need to get those things checked off my list before I can really enjoy decorating. And it was in the 60s over the weekend. And rainy now. I’m no fan of cold weather, but it’s better than rainy and cloudy!

But maybe this weekend!

In the meantime, I’ll admire all of the beautiful Christmas lights people have put up (including the white icicle lights Logan put up) and imagine how great our house will look. And think about what wreaths I might someday make!

White Yarn Wreath by BHG
white yarn wreath

Christmas Ball Wreath by Good Housekeeping

Bay Leaf Wreath by Make It and Love It
Bay Leaf Wreath

Candy Wreath by Gwynn Wasson Designs
candy wreath

Frame “Wreath” by This Flourishing Life
Burlap Wreath by Laugh, Love and Craft
burlap wreath

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Creative Collections: Advent Calendars

The more I think about Christmas, the more excited I get. There is just something about this time of year that truly fills me with joy. And I really can’t wait until we put the tree up and seeing Emily’s excitement about it.

Since the beginning of Advent is quickly approaching, I thought it might be a good time for some Advent calendar ideas. I’ve already linked up to KoJo Designs with their Advent Ornament balls in this post. But  here are some other ideas for you too!

Magnetic Advent Calendar by Twig and Thistle

Paper Chain by Budget Wise Home

Baby Socks Advent Calendar by Martha Stewart

Big Box Advent Calendar by Mod Podge Rocks

Advent Jar by Two Peas in a Bucket

Cone-iferous Advent Calendar by Spoonful

Library Pocket Advent Calendar by Ruffled Sunshine

Let the countdown begin!

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Christmas Traditions

Well, it’s after Thanksgiving. Which means that I can start thinking about Christmas…which I love! The time with family, gift giving, gingerbread and peppermint, Christmas trees and holiday decorations, cookie baking. And this year is  so special with celebrating with Emily for the first time! I’m so excited!

Emily in her Christmas dress

But I’m sort of stressing about what traditions to start (I know that she’s only going to be 9 months old and too young to remember, but still). Logan and I really want to keep the holiday Christ-centered, celebrating family, and focused on giving.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far…

Of course we’ll decorate the Christmas tree, make cookies, and go gift shopping.

Advent Ornaments (idea from KoJo Designs):  Last night, Logan and I went through the list at Blue Letter Bible of the different references of Jesus. We made a list of our favorite 25 with one or two Scripture references. We’ll read one each night during December. I bought ornaments last year after Christmas for this project, so I’ll start working on that soon!

Jesse Tree:   My goal is to collect 25 ornaments that relate to stories in the Bible, and we’ll read one each night after we do the Scripture reading with the names of Jesus. The Voice:  Christian Resource Institute has a great summary of the reasons behind the Jesse Tree and the traditional stories/symbols that go with it. I’m going to do a variation on this and choose some of our favorite stories and use Emily’s Jesus Storybook Bible to make connections to Jesus. But right now I only have 10 ornaments. Good thing I have time before she remembers!

I’m thinking about making a book that has the readings for each day. One that we could use every year. And I’m trying to figure out if these will go on their own separate tree or not.

Pajamas:  Emily will get to open a present on Christmas Eve that has a new pair of pajamas for her to wear that night. I got this idea from someone on Pinterest, but for the last two years, a friend has hired me to make pajamas for all the cousins for Christmas morning. One year it was Colts and one IU. How cute must that be!

Christmas Stockings:  In the next few weeks I’m going to make our stockings (tutorial to come :-). I know they’re going to be from old sweaters, and I saw this great idea of attaching the first initial to each one from Cottage Instincts. I thought I would have Emily decorate new letters for us each year. To do:  find nontoxic paint for her to have her first painting adventure!

What traditions does your family have?


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Tree Skirt from Tablecloth

I know I’m supposed to be posting organizing ideas for the new year, but this is a great quick project. And with all those after-Christmas sales wrapping up, now is a great time to pick up a round tablecloth to remake into a tree skirt.!

What you’ll need:
*round tablecloth

1.  Find the center of your tablecloth by folding it in half twice. Mark it and unfold.

2.  Cut a straight line to the center of your circle.

3.  Center a large mixing bowl on your circle. Trace and cut out.

4.  Hem the sides and circle by folding it over 1/4″ and another 1/4″. Put in LOTS of pins, especially around the circle part. Stitch.

And tada! A fabulous tree skirt!

*You could do with with any large circle of fabric, but the tablecloth is already hemmed, which makes is SO much faster!

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