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Family Room Art

I feel like it’s been ages since I posted about the projects I’ve been doing at home! I’ve loved all the Christmas ideas and the New Year’s Organizing Revolution! But as I’ve looked through some of the pictures I’ve taken, I can’t believe how many projects I have to update (there are some pictures of Emily that are from months ago, oops).

Just before Christmas, I got some new curtains from Target. I love the trellis/Moroccan pattern. And the gray-blue color.

Farrah Fretwork

Farrah Fretwork

But I didn’t really like them with the orange in the room. I decided to shift to just blues and greens, leaving the room a little more monochromatic and very soothing.

Which meant that I had to change out my art. Okay, I searched through all of my pictures. I swear I took a picture of my old art… or not. So I’ll try to explain it–they were two vertical panels painted green. Each panel had a navy blue branch and an orange branch.

I cropped a random photo to get this shot. Imagine it taller and with a second one beside it.

I cropped a random photo to get this shot. Imagine it taller and with a second one beside it.

I had found a variety of art ideas on Pinterest that I decided to combine. Three picture ideas, 2 books, lots of Mod Podge, 2″ circles,  some paint, and bird cutouts later…

DSCN1097I love it! It still looks handmade, but it’s a little more sophisticated than what we had before. And right now, I’m all about birds (I have some little wire ones that are so cute) so this ties it all together nicely.


I have to laugh a little whenever I look more carefully at the background. I originally used a copy of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks as the background. And then I ran out of pages. With about a third left to finish. A canvas this big takes more than I thought! I looked through my donate box for another book with pages similar in color and size. So the other third (and some overlapping at the beginning) is from Cat and Mouse by James Patterson. Yep, a love story and murder mystery. 


Stay tuned Wednesday for other art ideas that you can do!

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Dressing Up Your Curtains

If you’re not in the mood to make your own or you have some that already work, here are some ideas to dress up your curtains for a little bit of a change.

Chop off the bottom and add a panel


Add ribbon

Thanks Budget Wise Home for all your great ideas!


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More Curtains to Make

Here are some other great tutorials I found on Pinterest.

Ruffle Curtains from The Shabby Creek Cottage

Curtain Topper by On Sutton Place

Gathered Curtains with Ties by Make It and Love It

Ruffled Curtains by Flamingo Toes

Gathered Top Curtains by Make It and Love It

Striped Curtains by High-Heeled Foot in the Door

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Easiest Drapes Ever Tutorial

These started out as the easiest drapes ever. But I have measuring issues! What started out as something so easy became a challenge to figure out how to add some extra length.

Lesson:  Just because you mess up, doesn’t mean that a little creativity can’t fix the problem!

So this a two part tutorial–one part with the easiest drapes ever and one part to fix your mistake!

Part 1:
I consider this my cheater’s tutorial to make making drapes. It all came about because I hate hemming!

What you’ll need:
*main fabric
*lining (I used fabric that I had been given that I wouldn’t use for a specific project, but bed sheets would work well too. Just make sure the colors are light enough that they don’t show through your main fabric.)
*coordinating thread
*way to hang your drapes (grommets, rings)

1.  Cutting your main fabric:  You want the width of your drapes to be about double the width of your window. For a standard window, you can use a the width of a bolt of fabric. The length should be a few inches longer than your window.

2.  Cut your lining to the same size as your main fabric.

3.  With right sides together, pin the lining and main fabric together. Sew around all four sides, leaving about a 6″ opening on one of your sides.

Okay, these fabrics are from a different project. But I forgot to take a picture of "right sides together" from this project!

4.  Turn your fabric right side out. Top stitch around the whole panel.

5.  On the bottom of each panel, press 1″ and sew in a hem. This weighs down the bottom a little.

6.  Attach your curtains to your rod.
*If you’re using rings, just attach and hang.
*If you want to put a pocket in the top:  Fold the top over to create a pocket large enough to hold the curtain rod. It should be big enough to easily slide your curtains across the rod. Sew.
*I used grommets for the first time. I found a great deal on a set of cranberry grommets–probably because they’re an odd color unless you have a specific project for them! I was a little intimidated at first, but they turned out to be the easiest thing ever. Just use the template to draw the circle, cut, and snap the front/back pieces into place. Tada!

At this point I hung them up and they looked like high waters. Flood was on the way! I didn’t take a picture, mostly because I was so frustrated that I stomped back to my sewing machine to start fixing the problem.

Part 2:
When you make a measurement mistake, there are options to fix it. If you’ve made your curtains too long, just cut them off and re-hem them. Press a 1/2″ and then fold up about 1″ and resew.

It’s a little more challenging to fix things that are too short, but coordinating fabric will take care of this problem! For this situation, I cut a panel out of coordinating fabric the same width as my drapes and long enough to fix my measurement problem. I also cut the lining with the same dimensions.

I repeated Steps 3 and 4 with those two pieces. Then with right sides together, I pinned the addition to the main drapes and sewed. I also added a side panel using the same steps, but that was more a preference than a necessity!

The thing that cracks me up is that the window seat and pillows hide the panel I added to the bottom. But trust me, it was so necessary!

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Living Room Curtains from Drop Clothes

I love this project. It’s another one that was so fast and super cheap. (I should write a theme song for that!)

What you’ll need:
*2 canvas drop clothes (the ones I chose measured 6’x9′ from Lowes)
*curtain rod (the previous home owners used a white pvc pipe… genius!)
*curtain rings

1.  Press a 2″ hem along the top. Sew.

2.  Hang up your curtains and decide how much to hem the bottom. I ended up needing to take mine 18″ up, so I folded the bottom up 9″ and then another 9″. Sew.

3.  Optional:  You can hem the sides if you want, but they are finished so it’s what you think looks nice.

4.  Hang up and you’re done!

I like that they aren't sheer, which is what they were replacing. But the fabric isn't thick or dark enough to block out the sun completely. Even with them closed, we still get plenty of light.

Like I said, EASY!

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Kitchen Curtains Tutorial

For the last few weeks of my pregnancy I’ve had The List full of things to get done. Fortunately, many of the sewing projects on that list were quick and easy ones. They were the type that got thought about frequently, but never got around to. But when you’re nesting…

I forgot to take a before picture of the old curtains, but they were just white cafe curtains made from a tablecloth (great source of lots of cheap fabric that washes wonderfully!). They were fine for the couple of year we had them, but I wanted the bottom part of the window open so I could see the backyard. And more light… I’m obsessed with getting natural sunlight into my house.

So I created a faux Roman shade look. I don’t have many pictures for this tutorial, but it’s mostly just hemming.

What you’ll need:
*curtain rod (I used a cafe rod so it was pretty skinny, which is where I got the 3″ measurement for the fabric. If your rod is fatter, add at least another inch of fabric to your length to create your pocket)
*fabric:  should be 2″ wider than your window and 3″ longer than your finished length
*coordinating ribbon

1.  On the bottom and both sides, press 1/2″ and then fold over another 1/2″ to create your hem. Sew.

2.  At the top, press 1/2″. Then fold over 1 1/2″ and press. Sew. This creates the pocket for your rod.
*If you have a fatter rod, still fold over the first 1/2″. Then fold over a flap large enough for your rod to fit through. Press and sew.

3.  Hang up your curtain. It should look like a long valence. Eyeball 1/3 of the curtain and loop your ribbon around the rod and bottom of the curtain. Pull up a little to create a crinkle. Tie your ribbon in a bow. Repeat on the other 1/3.

I actually found step 3 to be a little time consuming, because I couldn’t get the ribbons even or the crinkles looked weird. Just play with it. And leave it for awhile. And then play with it some more!

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Curtains on the Cheap

This week I’m going to post directions on how to make some of the easiest curtains ever. Because that seems to be my theme these days:  the easier, the more likely it is to get done!

But replacing curtains can be expensive, even if you have coupons and sales at JoAnn Fabrics. Buying that much fabric can add up quickly.

So here are some ideas to find inexpensive fabric:

*drop clothes–You know, the canvas ones sold in the paint aisle at Lowe’s (more on that this week)


from The Lettered Cottage

* table clothes–These are especially great in the kitchen or a child’s room since they’re made to get dirty and wash nicely


from Creative Little Daisy

*shower curtains–You might have to add a band of extra fabric on the bottom or sides, but that makes it look even more custom


from Primitive and Proper

*curtain panels–There are all sorts of plain curtain panels around that you can add a band of fabric or ribbon to create an expensive look


from Budget Wise Home

*duvet–One duvet should cover a whole window


from Budget Wise Home

*burlap–Okay, you would get this from JoAnns but it’s such a cheap fabric if you can get it on sale that it’s worth mentioning


from Tip Junkie

And my personal favorite…
*bed sheets–Tons of fabric, tons of variety, small price tag


from Budget Wise Home


from BHG

In fact, up until this set of curtain projects, all but two rooms in my house had sheets as curtains. You can buy a very cheap solid color and add bands of fabric. Or you can find beautiful prints and leave them alone.

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