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Creative Collections: Mother’s Day

So with a new baby and being at home, I’m having a hard time keeping track of what day/date it is. Which means that I only realized today that this Sunday is Mother’s Day (luckily, I gave my mom her gift when she was here watching Emily).  Last year I did a Creative Collection for Mother’s Day. And here are some more great handmade gift ideas…

Terrarium by Front + Main

Photo Pendant by Saving with Sarah
DIY Photo Pendant

Coconut Lime Moisturizing Sugar Scrub by Smart n Snazzy

Freestanding Photo Gallery by The How-To Gal
MD Gift FInal copy

Text Art by Keep It Simple, Sister

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating the moms in your life. And as fantastic as handmade gifts are, don’t underestimate the power of a thoughtful card. Just make sure you tell her how special she is!



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Quick Christmas Presents

As hard as I try, every year I’m still scrambling to finish up Christmas shopping/making right until the very end. And often, that’s because those hard-to-buy-for people on my list are still troubling me. So I’ve been searching Pinterest for ideas and have come across some great ideas for last minute gifts. Easy, fast, but still thoughtful. Perfect for this busy time!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser by Park House Love

Glitter Dipped Mug by White House Black Shutters

Tea Wreath by KoJo Designs

Cardigan Embellishment by The Sisters Four
cropped cardi

Mustache Glasses by No. 2 Pencil

For Kids:

Lego Tray by That’s My Letter

Doll Diapers by Bee in My Bonnet
christmas sewing 067

Magnetic Pattern Blocks by Make It and Love It

Cardboard Castle by Mer Mag

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Creative Collections: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve already had the chance to celebrate all those great Mommies out there, and not it’s time to celebrate the Daddies! Emily has the most wonderful daddy, and I can’t wait to remind him how much we love him.


Smelling the flowers

But thinking of good handmade gives for men is always a challenge for me. So here are some great ideas I’ve collected!

Homemade BBQ Sauce by Inner Child Fun

Super Hero Platter/Plate by Not Just a Mommy

Coffee Sleeve by All Free Sewing

Photo Bookmark by Martha Stewart

Photo Cube by Balancing Home

Ipad Case from a Recycled Book by Man Made

Golf Cupcakes by Innovative Sewing

Lego Cufflinks by Instructables

Etched Beer Glasses by The Shed

Tool Tub and Tote by Sew4Home

Thanks daddies for loving your babies so much!

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Emily’s Doll

You know how there are some projects that you just love? That was this doll!


I used the tutorial at Make It and Love It. Way easier than I was expecting–two days later, I was done… Okay, I stayed up WAY too late one night, but it was so worth it!

I based Emily's on the one on the left.

Usually I’m all about personalizing a project and not following the picture exactly. But the doll on the left uses the same material as Emily’s birthday skirt, so that’s what I kept picturing. I couldn’t find any pink chevron for her tights, but the top is the same. Just with some sleeves.


Honestly, the only difficult part was attaching the front and back pieces, because there were arms, legs, and hair to keep tucked in. LOTS of pins, sore fingers, a few retries later, and she was done!


Why yes, Emily does match with her doll…

I just love her! And Emily likes to carry her around by her braids! Or tickle her nose with the end of the braids.

DSCN1200 Plus some skirts for her to wear. Since the skirt pieces only measured 5×21″,  my scrap box had plenty of options. Okay, I did go back to the store to get her birthday skirt fabric (the skirt on the bottom) so Emily and her dolly can match.

hbK3ZHxBYSZUSRwF69IalyysJPwkUIJHbKhAPL1JxaARight now Emily mostly just holds her or pushes her in the little stroller. But there’s just something about seeing her hugging and carrying around the doll I made for her!

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Thank You Notes

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing thank you notes. My mom always had us write them after birthdays and Christmases, and it’s something that’s stuck with me. I know in the age of email, Facebook, and texting, writing a note is rather old-fashioned. And yet, I know how much I love getting one. Just a quick note of gratitude.

Which is why I’ll be having Emily write them. You know, when she can hold a pencil/crayon without trying to eat it and the paper!

These were her Christmas thank you cards. She painted the background!

These were her Christmas thank you cards. She painted the background!

Now, I’m no card making crafter, but I usually do make my own thank you cards now. And seriously, it couldn’t be easier (or more fun really)!

Birthday notes

Birthday notes

For these cards, I went to Tagxedo. I just typed in thanks in different languages and printed it out in a heart shape. Okay, before the printing, I did lots of playing with fonts and colors…

Thank you note

I mounted those hearts to cardstock and used a window punch to slide a picture of Emily in. Like I said, super easy but super cute!


So…the point…write thank you notes and you don’t have to be a card making artist to make something wonderful!

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Play Kitchen Revealed

To say the least, this was quite the labor of love. Logan spent many evenings and days off working on her kitchen, and it turned out beautifully.


Here’s where we got the idea (The Crafting Chick) and the tutorial (from Ana White) that we used. Logan followed the directions pretty much exactly, but I did add a glass tile backsplash. I took apart a glass mosaic (12×12″ from Home Depot) and attached them with liquid nails.

Our sweet girl loves it!


She really likes playing in the sink. And opening the oven to pull out the food. And banging the pots. And pulling everything out of the refrigerator. And chewing on all the food.

f26msQQeRsV0Uj-ZjTcHN2BCEpIQOAubbAx082ZEb14 yyRLnxz-DNMCfFVIsP6luRj4ny6IoT16BrMXhWD2juU XPCD62z2IRxeYvhXKZk2NkLfKpgx3VxgxfO9h2VA4AY DSC02652 PO7vqYC0xIEvchXKvLtc_wJYdOkws_HSMd3RHZjfcy8 AQ3_tqQ9KODugzqK_OtwfyHnYiYecCqkqnlD9HLQ6To

Best. Birthday. Gift. Ever.

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Creative Collections: Make Your Own Doll

Emily doesn’t have a doll. I know, crazy, she’s nearly a year old! I had wanted to make her first one, but it just hasn’t happened. Then over the weekend, Emily and I were visiting a friend and her new sweet baby boy. Her older daughter had one of her babies in the carseat. Emily started rocking the baby doll! I’ve never seen her do that before, and it was just so sweet. Where did she learn something like that though?

It did make me realize that I had better get going! So–her first birthday party, Easter dress, and then a doll. I can’t wait!

Here are some of the handmade dolls I’ve found in my searches…

Rag Doll by Quaint and Quirky
fisher jeff layla doll_3219

Monster Doll by Or So She Says

The Modest Mermaid by The Crafting Fiend
doneno tail

Babushka Doll by Cupcake Cutie

Basic Rag Doll by Miss Gioia

And the ones I’ve decided on…

Fabric Dolls by Make It and Love It

Coco-Esque Babydoll by Kojo Designs


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12 Gifts of Christmas: Gifts for Men

This was by far the most difficult one to put together! I think that making gifts for guys is so much harder than for girls!

But here are some great ideas… and don’t forget, about an hour 🙂

Paracord Lanyard by Stormdrane’s Lanyard

Moustache Coffee Mug by Plaid

Handmade Ties by The Purl Bee

Firewood Tote by Whip Up

Grill Rubs by A Creative Maven (Kojo Designs)
Screen-Shot-2012-12-03-at-10.28.18-AMBike Frame Lunch Bag by Evil Mad Scientist

Etched Glasses by Make: Craft

Coffee Sleeve by All Free Sewing

BBQ Mop Bucket by Westlake Hardware

Wine Bottle Glasses by Scissors and Steam

Leather Cuff by The Red Kitchen
The Leather Cuff (title picture PLAIN)

Ipad Cover and Stand by Practically Functional


Even though Christmas is on Tuesday, it’s still plenty of time for some of these quick gifts.

And so ends my 12 Gifts of Christmas for this year.

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12 Gifts of Christmas: For the Ladies

This has been one of my favorite posts to put together!

Mercury Glass by Katie’s Rose Garden
mg 8 copy

Turquoise Knot Necklace by Mama Says Sew

Apron by Amy Hearts It
I might be making this for someone on my list…

Hand Drawn Decorated Bags by Emmi Grace and Me

Bow Belt by Momtastic

Quick Bread in a Bottle by Sunset

Bird Nest Necklace by Sarah Ortega

Ear Warmers by Delia Creates
Is this on my gift list… why yes it is!

Lunch Bag by Belly Buttons Boutique
lunchpg1Wine Cork Coasters by Pin Cookie

Bath Bombs by Instructables

Cake Stand by The Bride’s Tree

Hmm, I might need to make some of these gifts for myself too!

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12 Gifts of Christmas: Gifts for Boys

And our counterpart… gifts for the little boys in your life!

Dinosaur Hoodie by DIYing to be Domestic

Car Roll Up Caddy by Lil Mop Top

Fort Kit by Meg and Andy Made

Skateboard Sling by The Boy Trifecta

Lego Table by Our Wee Family

Rag Quilt Letters by Happy Together Creates

Superhero Cape by Come On, Ilene!

Tool Bench by Hidden Sisters

Card Table Fort by Sew Much Ado
This one might take longer than an hour.
Sewing and Crafts 044

Big Boy Belts by I am Momma, Hear Me Roar

Busy Board by Making Boys Men
busy board 1

Marshmallow Shooter by Thrifty and Thriving
This one is for older boys

Happy gift making!

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