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Creative Collections: Mother’s Day

So with a new baby and being at home, I’m having a hard time keeping track of what day/date it is. Which means that I only realized today that this Sunday is Mother’s Day (luckily, I gave my mom her gift when she was here watching Emily).  Last year I did a Creative Collection for Mother’s Day. And here are some more great handmade gift ideas…

Terrarium by Front + Main

Photo Pendant by Saving with Sarah
DIY Photo Pendant

Coconut Lime Moisturizing Sugar Scrub by Smart n Snazzy

Freestanding Photo Gallery by The How-To Gal
MD Gift FInal copy

Text Art by Keep It Simple, Sister

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating the moms in your life. And as fantastic as handmade gifts are, don’t underestimate the power of a thoughtful card. Just make sure you tell her how special she is!



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Quick Christmas Presents

As hard as I try, every year I’m still scrambling to finish up Christmas shopping/making right until the very end. And often, that’s because those hard-to-buy-for people on my list are still troubling me. So I’ve been searching Pinterest for ideas and have come across some great ideas for last minute gifts. Easy, fast, but still thoughtful. Perfect for this busy time!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser by Park House Love

Glitter Dipped Mug by White House Black Shutters

Tea Wreath by KoJo Designs

Cardigan Embellishment by The Sisters Four
cropped cardi

Mustache Glasses by No. 2 Pencil

For Kids:

Lego Tray by That’s My Letter

Doll Diapers by Bee in My Bonnet
christmas sewing 067

Magnetic Pattern Blocks by Make It and Love It

Cardboard Castle by Mer Mag

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Slowing down



I get this whole week off from school…one of the few perks of starting school the first of August! So of course, I’ve been packing the days with Emily play time, errands, naps, sewing, and painting. Promise, pictures soon (notice I didn’t say cleaning which is something that MUST get done before pictures!)

This morning is especially busy with getting things ready for tomorrow and finishing up little projects. So when Emily wanted to just sit and read in her room first thing this morning, I went through the list of things I could do at the same time–laundry, straightening up, sewing prep.


But instead I just watched her. And it was the best 10 minutes of the day!


So just remember, in all of this crazy busy holiday season, take a minute to savor the simple moments and enjoy what this is all about. Best wishes!


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Creative Collections: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve already had the chance to celebrate all those great Mommies out there, and not it’s time to celebrate the Daddies! Emily has the most wonderful daddy, and I can’t wait to remind him how much we love him.


Smelling the flowers

But thinking of good handmade gives for men is always a challenge for me. So here are some great ideas I’ve collected!

Homemade BBQ Sauce by Inner Child Fun

Super Hero Platter/Plate by Not Just a Mommy

Coffee Sleeve by All Free Sewing

Photo Bookmark by Martha Stewart

Photo Cube by Balancing Home

Ipad Case from a Recycled Book by Man Made

Golf Cupcakes by Innovative Sewing

Lego Cufflinks by Instructables

Etched Beer Glasses by The Shed

Tool Tub and Tote by Sew4Home

Thanks daddies for loving your babies so much!

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Creative Collections: Mother’s Day Brunch

Over the weekend, Logan asked what I wanted for dinner on Mother’s Day. After much thinking, I realized that I preferred a Mother’s Day brunch. Partly because Emily will be in bed after we go to evening church (and shouldn’t the reason for Mother’s Day join us?) and partly because I love breakfast foods.

So here are my favorite recipes for your Mother’s Day brunch!

What we’re having…

Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes by Tasty Kitchen Blog
Lemon cornmeal pancakes(with lemon curd, fresh berries, and bacon!)

Other ideas for you…

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake by Just Baked By Me

Strawberry Coffee Cake by This Southern Mom Cooks

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Breakfast Bars by The Kitchn

Baked Eggs by Saveur

Spring Quiche by Real Women of Philadelphia

Chorizo, Potato, and Egg Tacos by Martha Stewart

Huevos Rancheros in Tortilla Cups by The Curvy Carrot

So enjoy your day, mommas. You deserve it!


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Creative Collections: Mother’s Day

I love Mother’s Day! And not just because I’m a mom (though that does make it even more special now). But my mom is absolutely wonderful–and she’s a fabulous grandma!

So in celebration of all those wonderful moms out there…

Teacup Candles by Martha Stewart

Painted Spoons by The Happy Homebodies

Arty Drawer Liners by Artful Kids

Art Portfolio by Becoming Home

Button Bracelet by Sew Many Ways
button bracelet 062

Pleated Purse by U Handbag

Mason Jar Planter Box by Shanty 2 Chic

Love Art by Embrace Your Chaos



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Creative Collections: Celebrating Easter

I have lots of good memories of Easter growing up. Making the bunny cake and decorating eggs the night before. Easter egg hunts where my dad had written terrible rhymes and I was always the last person to find my basket. The songs at church. Taking Easter pictures in our winter coats with snow on the ground. Mom’s lemon cloud pie.

As Emily gets older, we’ll still do things like a basket, decorating eggs, and the bunny cake. But since this holiday encompasses the whole truth of what we believe in, I’ve been looking for some more Scripture based activities/projects to share with her.

Christian Easter Eggs by The Domesticated Princess

Easter Songs by Happy Home Fairy

Resurrection Set by Catholic Icing
religious Easter craft for kids

Jesus’ Empty Tomb by Totally Tots
album 3.10.10 068_thumb[5]

Easter Story Cookies by Beneath My Heart


Here’s something close to the Lemon Cloud Pie my mom used to make by Moms Who Think.

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Creative Collections: Valentine’s Day


There are tons and tons of cute Valentine’s Day ideas out there. Seriously, thousands. And they’re lighting up Pinterest right now. So I narrowed it down to my top 10 favorite ideas for this Valentine’s Day. And, there’s still over a week before the 14th, so there’s still time!

1.  Paper Heart Wreath by The Hybrid Chick (this has to be first, because I actually did it!)

2. Valentine’s Day Printables by We Love Being Moms

3.  Valentine Jelly Pops by Taste for Adventure


4. Ruffled Heart Dress by Make It and Love It


5. Monster Shirt by Make It and Love It

6. Floating Heart Wall Art by Making Home Base

7. Lots of Little Hearts by Real Life, One Day at a Time

8. Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting by KoJo Designs

9. Cake Cookies by Taste and Tell


10. Felt Heart Bookmark by The DIY Dreamer

*I also found this cute idea from Daisy Pink Cupcake where you fill 2 dozen balloons and write one reason why you love your husband in each one. So. sweet.

What other projects or recipes do you use for Valentine’s Day?


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Happy New Year!

Can you believe that 2013 is here? 

It’s amazing how much our lives have changed since this time last year… but a baby will do that to you! There’s no doubt that I’m more tired, more stressed, and not in great shape than the start of 2012. But I’m also more joyful, getting better at prioritizing, and more compassionate too. And I wouldn’t trade a minute of it!

Emily in her Christmas dress

Seriously, look at that face! Wouldn’t trade a minute!

I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I don’t tend to keep them. This year, though, I thought I’d try again. Because even if I break them, it’s still a few months that I’ll have worked on it. Some time is better than no time, right?

*Clean off the dining room table (at least every other day). I’m terrible about coming in and dropping my things on the table. It makes Logan crazy (though I don’t usually mind too much). It’s a little thing, but it’s something that will make him happier. And it will be nice not having to dig out a spot to eat dinner together!

*Eat healthier and get in better shape. Okay, I know that this is in the top 2 of New Year’s resolutions. But there’s a reason for that! I lost all the baby weight awhile ago, but my abs haven’t made their return yet. And since chocolate doesn’t actually solve my problems, perhaps now it’s time to find a new friend when I’m upset. Besides, I know that I need to start getting my body image in check now, because it needs to be a habit for me when Emily gets old enough to start repeating/understanding what it means. Whenever I watch What Not to Wear and it’s a mom with girls, Stacy and Clinton are constantly saying, “Would you let your girls talk about themselves this way?” So while I do have a weight loss goal, the bigger priority will be finding those muscles and using them again!

*Be present. I have a terrible habit of thinking about what’s next. To some extent it’s an okay habit, because I do get things done. But I need to slow down and really cherish the moment. Over my winter break, I’ve been doing that more with Emily, and I feel so much more joy about our time together. She’s at a point where I can do things alongside her (she’s playing with her toys and I’m looking through cookbooks), but when she wants to play with me, I’m dropping everything to be with her. That being said, I really need to work on this with Logan. When we’re both working, we come home, play with Emily, eat dinner, and veg out in front of the tv. We need to start taking more time to read Scripture together, talk, play games, do projects around the house, whatever. And I need to start initiating that more often.


*Connect with on of my friends at least once a week. I’m a homebody–but if you know me, that doesn’t come as a surprise at all! But I miss just talking and hanging out with people. I know it sounds a little rigid to say at least once a week, but I was reading an article in Good Housekeeping about quantifying your resolutions so you can decide if you make progress. So I did. However, I will cut myself some slack weeks when school is crazy (report card time, before breaks, etc). So… who wants to do coffee? Ice cream? Play date? The zoo (my mom got us a zoo membership for Christmas and I’m super excited about it!)?

*Read the Bible at least four times a week. I know I should be reading daily, but that hasn’t been happening. So we’ll start with four, and increase it from there. I guess I should clarify–read an adult Bible. Every night I read to Emily from her children’s Bible, but it’s time I start reading the full text (that being said, I feel like I’ve learned so much reading Scripture written for children!).

What are some of your resolutions?


In blog related news…

Word Press does a year in review summary. Here’s some of the awesome things about how wonderful you are…

*120 new posts
*Most popular post:  Make Your Own Binder Cover (thanks to All Free Sewing for featuring me!)
*Most popular post published in 2012:  Curtains on the Cheap 
*Most commented on post:  Toy Tool Belt Tutorial
*People from 126 countries visited (this is so amazing to me–I keep scrolling over the map)
*Pillowsalamode and Belle were the top commenters

Click here to see the complete report. (Seriously, check out the map, it’s pretty amazing).

Thanks for stopping by, staying, and sticking with me!
I love all your comments and likes–it’s really what keeps me writing! Thanks for taking the time to read, thanks for letting me show off Emily, and thanks for the reinforcement to write another post.


Sorry this is lots of words and not too many pictures!

And now… I’m off to do some Zumba Wii!

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Merry Christmas (yesterday)

Merry Christmas!



So Happy Boxing Day!

I had every intention of posting my well wishes for you, but with all the cooking (and eating!), family, and Emily, the day just slipped away. But our first Christmas with Emily was wonderful. She was her sweet, bubbly self and had fun with unwrapping presents. She wasn’t so happy when we took the wrapping paper out of her mouth…






 Today we were hit with the Blizzard of 2012. Fortunately I didn’t have to be anywhere (too bad I couldn’t get to Target for all the clearanced Christmas things) and Logan got sent home. More playing with toys, walking in the snow, and watching hours of weather coverage.



And now Christmas is packed away and my house is ready for some serious cleaning and organizing. 

PS:  I usually don’t un-decorate my house right after Christmas, but Logan suggested it since he was off today. It was nice to have the help!

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