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My Two Girls

Okay, I’m sure you’ll eventually get tired of seeing my girls… but a little quiz for you. Which girls is which?



photo copy




Piper is the top and Emily the bottom. Both pictures were taken when the girls were about 3 weeks old. Pretty similar, aren’t they?

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Emily is Two!

Dear Emily,
2 years old! How did that happen so fast?

I kept getting teary-eyed thinking about how two years ago our lives totally changed as you came into the world. Changed for the better. Now I can’t imagine our lives without you.

Week 1

Week 1

Sweet girl, I love your outgoing, bubbly personality. Your smile just lights up the room and you can’t help but smile back. And that laugh of yours! Talk about joy! You also give the best hugs. One of my favorite things is when you suddenly decide you need a hug, open your arms wide, and repeat “hug” until we scoop you up.

One year old

Not that it’s all been easy! You’re stubborn like Daddy and particular like Momma. And trying to be independent, which is hard since you’re vocabulary is still developing. And nap time… Sweet pea, it’s not time to drop it yet!


My big girl

Things you like:
*Reading (well, really looking through books and babbling stories)
*Alphabet:  singing the ABC song, identifying your letters, repeating letters
*Daniel Tiger
*Cooking:  both with Momma and in your kitchen set
*Your stuffed animals
*Going to church to sing to Jesus
*Running and trying to jump
*Getting the mail
*The Children’s Museum
*Making animal noises

You are an amazing, little girl. Our lives are so much better because you’re in it. And your little sister is so blessed to have you as a big sister.


Happy Birthday Emily Claire!

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Happy Birthday, Emily!

Dear Emily,


1 year

Today you turned ONE! One! I can’t believe that we’ve had you in our lives for 365 days.

Week 2

Week 2

I fell in love with you the moment I found out I was pregnant. But when you were born, I thought I would burst with the love I felt for you! Who would have thought a year later that love could grow even more!

Not only are these ruffles adorable, apparently they're tasty too!

2 months

You have the best little personality. That you love people–laughing and talking to anyone you meet (this makes grocery shopping so much more fun). The way you cock your head to the side and give a huge smile. The way you’re fearless, as Daddy does back flips with you or you go exploring. That you give hugs and kisses to all the little kids at church. Our “conversations” in the car. How you wrinkle your nose when you’re really happy. Even your mischievous smile when you know you’re reaching for something you shouldn’t.

3 Months

Some of your favorite things right now:
*Carrying Bacon around with you everywhere (her stuffed pig)
*Bouncing up and down when you’re really happy
*Reading books
*Pulling everything out of your drawer in the kitchen…and any of the cabinets you can get into before I stop you
*Bananas, graham crackers, and oranges
*Playing peek-a-boo behind your blanket in the car
*Pulling up on anything that will give you even a little support
*Chewing on everything
*Taking your toys out of tubs and putting them back in
*Counting 1,2,3 and throwing open the curtains
*Taking off your socks (and then pressing them on your feet to “put them back on”

Emily loves reading her books :-)

7 months

I’ve learned a lot in the last year because of you. I’m figuring out how to keep you and Daddy as my top two priorities with my time. I’ve learned how to just sit and enjoy you instead of feeling like I should be getting something done. And I’ve learned that you have a stubborn streak just as much as I do, which is very humbling. I’ve always known that I’m a worrier, but now I worry about you–are we leading you okay in the Word, did you eat enough, are you sleeping enough, am I teaching you enough words…


9 months

I’ve also learned a lot about my beliefs as a Christian. Every night we read your little Bible, and there’s something about hearing those stories phrased for a child that makes some of the truths just that much more apparent. But even more than that, as a mommy, I’ve started to realize just what a sacrifice God gave us in our salvation. To give up His only Son. For sinners, people who didn’t deserve such a gift. It makes me tear up thinking of losing you for any reason, but especially for people who would turn their backs on you. Every night when we say our prayers, we thank God for His gift.


11 months

Little Bug, your heart is filled with joy. Your smiles, laughs, kisses are such clear examples of that. And that joy radiates out and fills our whole home. You are such a blessing to your daddy and me. We love you with a great big love sweet girl.

All my love, Mommy

1 year

1 year

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Word Art

Not surprising, party prep is in full swing at our house. Excitement, stress, cooking, cleaning, decorating.

In the midst of searching Pinterest for ideas, I’ve come across some word art, which I thought would be cute for decorations.

Tagxedo takes whatever words and phrases and creates a word cloud. You can customize the shape, colors, and fonts. Super easy!

Emily elephant

All of Emily’s favorites for her first year! Wouldn’t it be fun to do every year?

(Bacon is the name of her stuffed pig–she doesn’t actually eat bacon)

Enjoy playing 🙂

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Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Today is your 2 month birthday, and I have to leave you to go back to school. Even though I keep telling myself there are only 14 days of school left, every time I thought about over the weekend, I’d tear up. I know that you’ll be fine with Daddy, but I’m going to miss you!

I’ll miss all the smiles and coos,

“talking” with you (you’ve learned so many new sounds in the last two weeks),

snuggling you,

tummy time,

watching you sleep,

and seeing your excitement about your flowers (what is it about them that has you so entertained?).

Oh, I know I’ll be able to do all these things when I get home from work. I know you’ll still turn towards the sound of my voice. I know you’ll still make your superhero pose. But I love that time in the morning when we have girl time while we let Daddy sleep in a little. Be good for him and nap well. And I’ll be home as fast as I can.

With all my love,

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Baby Advice

We were working on writing letters in 2nd grade recently so I asked the kids to write to Logan, Smokey, Barbie Baby (that’s what the kids call the baby since we aren’t sharing the name), or me. Here are some of my favorites! (I’ve corrected the spelling since most people don’t read 2nd grade spelling everyday)

Does mama get ice cream too?

Dear Mrs. Mastain,
Why will you not tell us Baby Barbie’s name? Her name can’t be Baby Barbie, because that doesn’t sound right. By the way, you should always give Baby Barbie ice cream when she asks for it.
Your friend,

Smokey, pay careful attention to the last piece of advice!

Dear Smokey,
Have a great time with the baby. Don’t eat or hurt that baby. Don’t eat the baby’s clothes. Don’t break the crib. Don’t bark at the baby. Don’t bark while the baby is sleeping.

So you don’t get in trouble at school:

Dear Barbie Baby,
Here are some good things you should know. #1 Be good to mommy, daddy, grandma, Mrs. Gardner (Shannon), and grandpa. #2 Don’t disobey anyone who is in charge. #3  Eat what is good for you.

Cook and clean, lol:

Dear Barbie Baby,
You need to learn how to cook and clean for Mrs. Mastain and Mr. Mastain. You need to learn how to say your 123 and ABC. You need to learn how to be good.
Your friend,

Someone knows I need to let things go:

Dear Mrs. Mastain,
Good moms have dirty, ovens, sticky floors, and happy kids. I hope you are one of those happy moms. Please tell me the baby’s name. Write back.
Your friend,

And probably the funniest:

Dear Smokey,
Don’t knock the baby over! Oh, and please don’t think the baby is a squeaky toy and try to squeak her. She isn’t a squirrel either. That’s how to treat the baby good.

Ahh, the wisdom of 8 year olds.

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