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Master Bedroom Redo: Accessories

I’m still feeling cheap, so I didn’t want to buy new accessories for our bedroom. When I had my first apartment, I bought all sorts of blue glass at garage sales but I got rid of quite a few.

So I went shopping around my house.

When you’re redoing a room, check your cabinets and shelves. I guarantee you already have some great things that are either hidden away in cabinets or aren’t being features as well as they could. Like the teacup from Japan that was hidden behind another one and the flower pot that was stashed out in the garage. When you’re shopping your shelves, I’d suggest brining your dust cloth with you. If you’re anything like me, a little dusting under those will be needed!

And then hit my favorite site Pinterest to get some more ideas… (see I’m trying to actually do some of the projects!)

Painted Vases by Work In Progress Kits
Take paint and paint it on the inside of a glass bottle or vase. Don’t worry if it’s streaky when you paint it, because it will dry smoother.

Lace Covered Vase by Urban Comfort
Modge Podge lace onto a vase. Spray paint. I ran out of lace and used some ribbon too. I didn’t love how this turned out, mostly because I tried to spray paint white lace with dark blue spray paint. Logan likes it though, so it’s probably going to go on his side of the bed to collect all the change he brings home.

Beach Glass Vase by Krafty Kat
Check out her tutorial!

Painted Wine Bottles by P is for Party
I didn’t end up doing this one, but I did love the idea.


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Master Bedroom Redo: Wall Art

I started on the time-suck that is Pinterest about three weeks ago. And I love it. I used to only go to my favorite blogs, and now I have hundreds of ideas all on one page. Unfortunately, I keep collecting ideas and not doing many of them… But here’s one I did finish!

I found an idea to use covered pizza boxes for wall art on Home-Dzine and another idea to cover shoebox lids from Houzz:  Beachbright’s Ideas, which were right up my alley. As in:  Free. I do still have money left over from the garage sale, but I had all sorts of fabric left over from the pillows. So why not use it?

What you’ll need:
*various boxes (I ended up using random boxes from my cardboard recycling and two old frames)
*packaging tape (lots)
*spray adhesive (optional)

1.  Decide on a layout for your boxes and figure out what fabrics will go where. I decided this based on what fabrics looked good together and how much fabric I had. Most of the pillow scraps had to be smaller boxes, and the bigger boxes were covered in fabrics from my stash.

2  I used spray adhesive on the front side of my boxes, but this is optional. If you do, make sure you cover a large area with a drop cloth so you don’t get overspray on your floors!

3.  Cover your boxes. Tape two opposite sides securely and then do the last two sides. Use lots of tape, because you want everything to stay tight. If you’re using shoebox lids, do your corners like you do when you wrap presents.

4.  Attach ribbon across the top to use as a hanger. Hang it all up!

Very easy–Love that! Free–Really Love that! And I think it fills the wall nicely and makes a big impact.

Not sure why the coloring is so dark

Hanging the whole set of them was challenging though. Mostly because I wanted both sides to be similar. So I laid out my boxes on a large sheet of cardboard (you could also use butcher block paper or gift wrap) and marked the top of each box. I stuck my nails through the cardboard. I held the cardboard up to the wall and nailed the nails in, which affixed the cardboard to the wall. (Okay, it might be an efficient way but it works well). Then I had to take the nails out, take the cardboard off, and put the nails back in. To do the other side, I just flipped the cardboard over. It didn’t end up being exactly symmetrical, but it was pretty close.

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Master Bedroom Redo: Recovering a Picture Mat

One of my favorite pictures in our room is our wedding vows. Logan and I wrote our own vows, and they were so perfect (if I do say so myself!). We had my friend Judy write them in calligraphy, and I find myself reading the vows several times a week… both when I’m crazy in love with Logan and when he’s making me crazy! Having them up is a wonderful reminder of this journey we’re on together.

I had covered the mat with a great pink and green vine/leaf paper from India (I love Global Gifts!). But when I shifted to blue and white, I had to go shopping again… what a shame 🙂 I found an equally great blue and aqua paper to use.


New paper:  

What you’ll need:
*paper or fabric slightly bigger than your mat
*spray adhesive
*masking tape

 1.  Coat the front of your mat with spray adhesive. Lay this on the wrong side of your paper/fabric. Make sure you have a little overhang on each side.

2.  Cut an x from corner to corner in the center section of your mat. Fold these over to cover the narrow center sides. Cut the excess so it goes to about the center of the mat edge. Tape this down.

3.  Trim the excess off the outside edges and tape it down.

4.  Insert back into your frame. Super easy!

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Master Bedroom Redo: Basic Pillow Cover

This has always been my pillow cover of choice:  mostly because I hate ironing, even if it’s just for two quick hems. I have a feeling that will change once there’s a little one around the house, and pillow cases need washing more than what they do now!

Sorry, I don’t have many pictures for this one.

(I used fabrics #2 and #3, plus scraps from fabric #6 and a random scrap from my stash)

What you’ll need:
*pillow form

1.  Cut your fabric 1″ longer and 1″ wider than your pillow form.

(Option:  I added a tie across the center. But a coordinating fabric the length of your pillow and twice the width. With right sides together, pin and sew the long side. Turn it right side out. Pin on the right side of your pillow case.)

2.  Pin the fabrics right sides together.

3.  Start a couple inches away from one of the corners. Sew towards the closest corner. Sew around the rest of the pillow. On the last side (the same as the first side), stop a couple inches from the corner you just finished. This leaves a large gap to stuff the pillow in.

4.  Pin the gap. Use this tutorial from Taffy Talk to do an invisible stitch closure.

The finished product:

Our finished bed:

So I may have broken Logan’s rule with pillows:  one in and one out. And he may have figured that out right away. But my sister and I found this great pillow at Goodwill on half price day. Seriously, $5. How can you say no?

These pillows were also made using this style:

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Master Bedroom Redo: Envelope Pillow

This is the style I used for my euro pillows. I did different fabrics on the front and back so they’re reversible. The envelope side looks pretty good, because the prints work so nicely.

I used fabrics 4, 6, and another one that didn't get in the picture. Oops.

These pillows are pretty easy to make, because you don’t have to do any hand sewing (you do have to use the iron, which isn’t my favorite!).

I’m going to make the directions pretty general, so you can adjust this to any size pillow form.

What you’ll need:
*coordinating thread
*pillow form

1.  For the front:  Measure your pillow and add 1″ to the side and top.

2.  For the back:  Cut two back panels the same width as the front. Cut the length about 2/3 the length of the front panel. This gives you room to finish the edges and conceal the pillow completely.

3.  Fold one side of each of the back 1/2″ and then another 1/2″ to create a clean edge. Sew in both hems.

4.  With right sides together, match the back panels to the top and bottom of the front panel. There should be some overlap in the center to create your envelope.

This shows one back panel attached to the front. The second back will start at the top and overlap in the middle.

5.  Stitch around all four sides of the pillow. I zigzag the edges to reinforce them.

6.  Turn your pillowcase inside out and put your pillow in.

The front of both pillows

The backs of both pillows

These pillows were also made using this style:

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Master Bedroom Redo: Standard Pillow Cases

Step 1 in making over the master was replacing the cases for our regular pillows. I found a blue and white twin sheet in Logan’s mom’s stash. Perfect to keep the projects under budget.

I used fabric 1 for these.

What you’ll need:
* fabric
*coordinating thread
*pillow form

1.  Fold your fabric in half right sides together. Put your pillow on the fold.

2.  Cut the fabric to 1″ wider than the pillow and 8″ longer.

3.  Sew 1/2″ seam along the bottom and long side of the fabric.

4. Press 1/2″ along the top. Then fold down another 3 1/2″ and press.

5.  Sew along the pressed edge.

Note:  to do this with a twin sheet, cut the sheet in half lengthwise. Then cut the length 4″ longer than the pillow. Use the top edge of the sheet to skip steps 3 and 4.

Super easy for a quick change!

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Master Bedroom Redo

For awhile I’ve been wanting to change the look on our master bedroom. Nothing that costs much, but something that made a big difference. So what did I change… why the pillows of course! And some of the colors, furniture, and art. In June, I was part of a garage sale, and Logan agreed that I could use that money for decorating.

I decided on shades of blues and whites. I’ve always loved the Greek and watery look, so decided to use that as a jumping off point. I also love this room by Sarah Richardson from her Sarah’s Summer House series.

I love how she uses so many different fabrics!

Master Bedroom Before:

Of course, we’re not changing any of our big pieces of furniture, so we’re going to be keeping our dark wood.

To Do:
*Make new pillows
*Find/repurpose side tables
*Steal the bench from another room and repaint
*Make new art for both sides of the bed
*Get a new laundry basket
*Recover the border of our wedding vows (we had our friend Judy calligraphy the vows we wrote)
*Change out all of the colorful accessories for blue and white


I’m also going to use some teal/aqua and bright yellow.

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