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Creative Collections: Repurposing T-Shirts

I know there are lots of people who are cleaning out their closets and finding all sorts of t-shirts that aren’t making the cut for the spring and summer. And these are some great projects if you have some shirts that you’re like “Well, MAYBE I’ll wear them…” Yeah, you’re not going and they’ll get lost in the back of your drawers. So here are some ideas to spruce up tees that are still in good shape.

Ruffle Waterfall Tee by In Honor of Design

Anthro-Insprired Hip Cinched Blouse by Recycled Lovelies

V-Neck into Gathered Cowl Collar by Trash to Couture

Lace T-Shirt Refashion by Ma Nouvelle Mode

Ruffly Shirt Refashion by Ruffles and Stuff

Emma Pillsbury T-Shirt Refashion by iCandy Handmade

Pencil Skirt by Trash to Couture

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Party Outfit

I spent hours deciding what Emily would wear for her party (and now I’m a little embarrassed to admit that!). Make or buy? Skirt or dress? Style? Fabric? The only thing I knew was that it would be pink. And somehow go with butterflies.

The decision:


For all that agonizing, the outfit ended up being pretty easy to make.





I took a onesie we already had and added some ribbon and a butterfly. JoAnns had this pleated-type ribbon that I pinned into a  butterfly path (I’ve done this with regular ribbon and it looks great). The butterfly was so easy, but I think it’s really fun! I cut a butterfly out of felt and zig zagged the center to the onesie. Then I folded it over and sewed a straight seam to create the 3-d effect.



I used this idea from Designed by Dawn Nicole–I just left it as a skirt. Super easy to do, but it did take more fabric than I thought.

Lessons Learned:  Keep it simple. Pick and choose what you like from outfits. I’m finding that with Emily’s clothes, I do a lot of tutorial mash-ups instead of creating my own patterns. Best way to go!


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Creative Collections: New Life Out of Onesies

After finally writing the post about updating Emily’s onesies last week, I realized that I had pinned a few ideas on how to upcycle some of her outfits. But not wanting leave the boys out, I searched for them too!

Bubble Dress by Make It and Love It

Necklace Onesie by A Couple of Craft Addicts
onesie - jessica stoker - nov 2010

Onesie to Dress by Smile and Wave

Faux Vest by B is for Boy Creations
faux vest onesie1-1

Tie Onesie by The Thrifty Craft Junkie

Bow Tie and Suspenders Onesie by Go Ahead and Make a Bid on That

And don’t forget about appliquéing something cute on the front… superhero logos, flowers, animals, team logos. Just search Google Images and be creative!

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12 Gifts of Christmas: Tutu, Wand, Boa


I love this gift! I’m pairing these with a copy of Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Conner. I love teaching with this character, and a tutu, wand, and boa seem perfect for a little girl like her. Besides, I have to giggle every time I think of a tutu tutorial. I know, roll your eyes (I just did!).


What you’ll need: (for a 2T/3T)
*2 yards tulle
*elastic (about 1″ smaller than the waist)

1.  Sew the ends of the elastic together to create a circle.

2.  Cut the width of your tulle in half. Cut 2″ strips of tulle. Don’t worry if the edges are jagged, because when you tie all of them onto your elastic, you’ll never notice.

3.  Fold a piece of tulle in half with the loop on the top part of the elastic. Pull the ends through and tighten. Make sure that that knot is at the bottom of the elastic.


From The Real Life Mom

4. Repeat and repeat and repeat. Keep pushing the knots together to make it nice and full (and to cover the elastic).

What tutu is complete without a wand?

What you’ll need:
*glue gun
*8″ ribbon strips
*12″ dowel rod

1.  Paint or color both ends of your dowel rod.

2.  Starting at one end, spread some hot glue all the way around the dowel rod. Just put a few inches of glue so it doesn’t harden on you too quickly.

3.  Start wrapping the ribbon, making sure that you overlap the edges to completely cover the dowel rod. Continue wrapping all the way up.

4.  Put a dollop of glue on the end of the dowel rod. Also put about 1/4″ of glue on two opposite sides (essentially creating a straight line of glue). Center one of the strips of ribbon over the top. Press down the top and the sides. Repeat with another ribbon, but this time put the glue perpendicular to the first ribbon. Continue, alternating the direction with each ribbon.

5.  To finish it off, take one last piece of ribbon. Wrap it around the very top of your dowel rod to hold all the ribbons down. Knot this ribbon, putting a bit of glue on it.

Fleece Boa:
This could also be a fun little scarf.

What you’ll need:

1.  Cut a strip of fleece that measures about 4″x24″.

2.  Fold it in half lengthwise. Make cuts towards the fold (don’t cut through the fold!), leaving about 1″ between the end of your cut and the fold.

3.  Space your cuts about 1″ apart.




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Skirt Tutorials

I’ve been spending lots of time in my classroom this last week and haven’t been doing many projects. So I’ve compiled some of my favorite skirt tutorials that I still want to try. Hope you find some you’d like to try too!


Sew Much Ado:  Maxi Skirt
Sugar Bee Crafts:  Shirred Pocket Skirt
Make It and Love It:  Knit Skirt
Freshly Picked:  Elastic Waist Skirt 
Angry Chicken:  5-Minute Skirt
Craftaholics Anonymous:  Easy Ruffled Skirt 


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