Piper is 3 Months Old!

My sweet little baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger! How is it that 3 months have already flown by? Where did the time go?

Sweet Piper loves to snuggle. We spent many mornings while Emily was at preschool just watching each other. She started making “social noises” over a month ago but in the last few weeks, she’s started talking up a storm. And the smile when she does! She could be more pleased with herself!


But what this child loves best is eating! She’s perfectly content as long as she has a full belly 🙂 Which is why she’s such a chunky monkey!

Tied for her favorite is big sister Emily. Piper just lights up when she sees Emi. They’re constantly talking to each other and making each other smile. These two girls are such blessings in our lives!

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