Reusable Cup Holder

One of the things that bothers me at places like Starbucks, Panera, Einsteins, etc is that they don’t have any cardboard recycling. Every time they put one of those cardboard sleeves on my coffee, I cringe. Usually I take those sleeves with me to recycle at home. When I’m really on top of it, I save one and reuse it or remember a reusable cup.

So instead of having cardboard floating around my purse, I decided to make a reusable cup holder. Much cuter than the cardboard and folds up really small.

What you need:
scraps of fabric (2 colors)
double sided fusible webbing
felt or  fleece
skinny elastic
2 buttons

1. Trace around one of the cardboard cup holders for your pattern. When you cut it out, leave about 1/2″ around each side for your seams.

See how the cut pattern is larger than the cardboard one?

2.  Cut out 2 of your pattern, one from each of your fabrics. Pin them right-sides together and stitch around the two long sides and one short side. Use 1/4″ seam allowance.

3.  Using your cardboard template (an actual sleeve from one of the coffee shops), trace the shape onto a piece of fusible webbing and felt/fleece. These pieces should fit between the seams you’ve already done. If not, trim them down a little.

4.  Make a stack:  outside fabric, fusible webbing, fleece. Line up the webbing and fleece in between the seams. Iron.

5.  Turn right side out.

6.  Make two small loops with your elastic (Okay, I admit, I didn’t have any skinny elastic, so I used a hair rubber band. The sewing machine didn’t love this though). These loops should be a little bigger than the buttons you’re using. Sew onto ONE piece of the outside fabric.

7.  Tuck the raw seams in and pin. Top stitch around the whole cup holder.

8.  Attach your buttons in a spot that will snugly fit a disposable coffee cup but still allows you to slide the cup holder into a comfortable spot for you to hold (you should probably run to Starbucks for your favorite drink to make sure you get it just right!).

And you’re done! Off to Starbucks without feeling guilty about throwing away cup holders!



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5 responses to “Reusable Cup Holder

  1. So cute! Love it!! (And your nails are still looking bright and shiny 🙂 )

  2. I loved your idea to trace the cardboard cup wrappers, would ensure a perfect fit.

  3. nifty idea! thanks for posting 🙂

  4. This is really cute! I’m guilty of loving those cardboard sleeves because I like that it blocks some of the heat. But this is a much smarter {and cuter!} idea.

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