Homemade Beauty Products

I’m all about cheap, natural, and/or homemade solutions for everyday products. You can see my cleaning version of natural cleaners here. Recently I’ve been looking at a lot of beauty products that can be replaced with versions you make too. Because beauty products are pricey!


from Kindred Spirit Mommy

A big thing for me, though, is that they need to work just as well as what I’ve been buying. I don’t want to replace something that works well with something that doesn’t just because it’s cheaper to make. Because besides cheap, I’m also short on time. So having to add extra steps for a homemade version just won’t work for me.

So here are some products you can make at home that I think work great.

Witch Hazel:  This is a natural astringent. I love the way it makes my skin feel clean and fresh right before bed. And at less than $2 for a huge bottle, it’s a good trade in for more name brand products.


from Vany Vicious

Tea Tree Oil:  I’ve always loved the smell of tea tree oil (you know, the smell of the expensive shampoos that salons try to add on) but have only recently starting using it. The uses are numerous (see Home Remedies Web) for more uses around the house), but I use it as an acne medicine. I just wet a q-tip, dip it in the tea tree oil bottle, and dot it on. The cost of the whole bottle is about the same as buying a good acne treatment, but the tea tree oil will last much longer and can be used so many other ways. One warning though, tea tree oil can irritate sensitive skin, so make sure you test it out before trying it on your face.


from Green Mom in the Burbs

Eye Makeup Remover:  I found the recipe for eye makeup remover at Penny It Forward, and it works wonderfully! With having a baby, I had all the ingredients on hand. But even going out an buying everything (especially if you buy travel sizes), you’re still spending less than on a name brand bottle of remover. And be able to make your own for years! I will say, I have to scrub my mascara a little harder than with the stuff I used to use, but not enough for this recipe to fall into the “doesn’t work as well” category.

Shaving Cream:  I hate paying for shaving cream. Usually I go for whatever brand is the cheapest–it doesn’t matter if it’s for men or women! Because none of it reduces the number of times I need to shave! There was a time that I would just use shampoo as my “shaving gel,” but that got to be a little drying. This recipe by A New Leaf combines the cheapness of just using a shampoo, with the moisturizing effects of baby oil, lotion, and conditioner. Plus, it’s all things I have around the house! Not a baby compromise.

Oily Hair “Dry Cleaner”:  The verdict is still out on this one. I found Jillee’s recipe on Pinterest (read her story, it’s pretty funny) and decided to try it out. Sometimes I feel like it makes my hair less oily and sometimes I don’t see a difference…those are ponytail days. I think it might be user error more than a problem with the mixture though! I do notice that it smells a lot of rubbing alcohol when I spray it on but that smell goes away when your hair dries.

I hope some of these will help you save some money on beauty products. You know, so you can spend that money on something else. Like ice cream. Or clothes. Or a massage.

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