Candy Bouquet

I see these all the time around Valentine’s Day. Because who doesn’t want a selection of candy to celebrate Valentine’s Day? I can’t think of anyone…

Logan and I celebrated tonight (he has to work Tuesday night) and this was his gift. Sweets for my sweet.

What you’ll need:
*4 boxes of movie style candy
*snack size candy bars (you can use full sized if you want)
*bamboo skewers
*glue gun

1.  Take the 4 boxed candies and make them into a square for the holder. Tape them together.

2.  Put the cup inside the holder and fill with the pebbles.

3.  Sandwich the bamboo skewer between two of the same candy bars. Use the glue gun to attach the three together. Repeat and repeat.

4.  Stick the skewers into the rocks. Add a few extra pieces of candy on top of the rocks.

Perfect for any type of gift!

And fast enough to make that you still have plenty of time to get one done before Valentine’s Day!


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3 responses to “Candy Bouquet

  1. Shannon

    I think you need more practice- you can give your practice ones to me.

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