Closet Dividers

While spending much time searching Pinterest (I know, shocking), I found lots of different ideas for closet dividers. I didn’t think this was something I needed at first, but my love for organizing took over. Once again though:  cheap was the key. Which meant not buying many supplies if possible.

Here were some of my favorite ideas:

From The New Home Ec

From Blissfully Domestic

From Journey Chic

My first thought was to find some large Os from JoAnns to cover with scrapbook paper, but to get a good size would be kind of pricey. And the die cutter at school didn’t have Os that were big enough.

So onto Plan C (or maybe D)…

What you’ll need:
*scrapbook paper
*stiff cardboard
*rubber cement (or the adhesive of your choice)

1.  Cut your cardboard into a square.  I made mine 6×6.

2.  Print your sizes onto your scrapbook paper. Cut the paper to 6×6. I decided to cover both the front and back of the cardboard. Glue it to your cardboard.

3.  Punch two holes about 1″ in on either side. String your ribbon through.

4.  Tie onto your curtain rod.

I ended up making a copy of the dividers and put them in the dresser too. And Logan even thought it was a good idea so he can dress her in the right size clothes (and maybe put away her laundry?)!

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