Baby #2

On Thursday, we found that Baby #2 is… a girl! I have to admit, I was pretty surprised. This pregnancy has been so different than mine with Emily (although, my life is completely different now than it was then!).

photo 2

Logan and I made my class sugar cookies (using this recipe) and frosted them in pink. I had the kids vote on if they thought Baby 2 was a boy or girl. Twenty kids chose a boy, six kids chose a girl. I had them put their heads down and gave them their cookies. When I told them to look, their reaction was, “Oooh, thanks for the cookies! But is it a boy or girl?” Haha, it still took a few seconds after I told them to look at the frosting 🙂

We’re teaching Emily to say the baby’s name…which means that we might have to tell people her name before she’s born! In the meantime, sweet baby is quite the  mover and is healthy. Praise God!


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